BlueHost Review from an Small Business Perspective

Bluehost Review from Small Business Perspective

BlueHost offers a hosting solution that can accommodate all the requirements of individuals and from small to mass medium sorted business proprietors. For anybody who is searching a decent hosting plan at an identical low-cost price, they are the superior solution. BlueHost provides quality customer service and backup. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and really friendly.

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Bluehost applies quality hosting tips so that they will provide reliable hosting results. Their hosting design offers a decent quantity of disk space and bandwidth at an affordable cost. Their hosting solution admits a lot of characteristics and diligences as well with even free domain names. Their matchless size hosting program provides ecommerce characteristics, multimedia system features, web site packaging features and a lot more.

Bluehost was started in 1996, becoming the oldest web providers still running. They are staying in this ruthless business accommodation which often speaks volumes of quality offered. Many smaller companies have succeeded over many years in offering quality solutions for web-master.

As expected by a company like bluehost, the main infrastructure is the class network. The data center is covered with modern Bluehost servers quad, which reflects the backup folder, UPS, diesel generator backup and monitoring 24 / 7 by qualified personnel. Internet connectivity is more impressive with backbone OC-48 connection, which provides more than 2 Gbit / s bandwidth.

Plan rates and Features

Lately, it is very commen among the web developers as its product range which provide a single “one size fits all” web hosting plan, which is the reason for many to choose Bluehost with their platinum plan. They believe that it is to make a potential client in choosing a very simple plan, but the proposed plan does not not allow the desired functions in web hosting service. Fortunately, the project has reached over Bluehost to satisfy the most demanding customers.


As mentioned above, the support of Bluehost Fantastico script panel has been excellent. This allows easy installation and updating software, including packages for forums and content management systems, photo galleries, online polls and surveys, etc. Fantastico ‘s has built an outstanding reputation users and provision, added Bluehost enormous value to excellent web hosting plan.

Those who prefer to receive technical assistance from a human being of flesh and bones “, one hour Bluehost provide 24 / 7 technical phone support. Bluehost also the number of distinct technical support to customers outside the United States.


Bluehost provides a space for mass storage, bandwidth and a plan if your host has not chosen the reliability of the backbone. A good relationship with a hosting provider will make the web faster frequently.The planned downtime is inevitable for many things like upgrades and maintenance for network, but a good web host will these interruptions to provide adequate safeguards for their clients.

Fortunately, test site Bluehost had an excellent reliability. It detects only a short 30 minute break during our follow-up period of 3 months. Even if we prefer it never closes at 30 minutes and it represents tiny percentage when compared to the total, and the global availability during the three months was higher than the “magic” of 99.9%, which is often cited by host.


Bluehost provides customers a range of options when it is to technical assistance. First, is the online support center superb, you can search a knowledge base of numerous articles on a wide range of subjects, which is generally the quickest and best way to solve the solution.


In general, bluehost is nice and simple. Its network has proven robust and reliable (to say except for a minor accident), and support first-class technical Bluehost. The supplies were revised plan 1500GB space at a very good price.

If you’re in market for the new network home, Bluehost its mandate seriously. In fact, we are very impressed by all the services provided by Bluehost recently moved to this site on our behalf Bluehost.

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