Top 5 Web Hosts for Distribution Companies

Top 5 Web Hosts for Distribution Companies

A distribution company has a unique middle-man place in the business world. Because of that, websites for distribution companies have an equally unique set of requirements. Usually (though not always), you are a business-to-business company, which means that the standard requirements for a web site don’t always apply to you. You don’t need a host which can handle a massive amount of simple viewing traffic. What you need is a host that can handle a small amount of potentially complex user interactions smoothly.

Programming and software flexibility is going to be among your biggest concerns. Tech support and security are going to run not far behind. Given those parameters, these five web hosts stand out as some of the best choices out there:

#1 JustHost

JustHost Review

JustHost has a plethora of business needs software, including shopping cart, Merchant Account and Paypal support and a long list of available programming languages. They have 24/7 support that can be contacted three different ways, and even their “Premium” plan is a mere $3.75/month.

JustHost Official Site

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#2 LunarPages

LunarPages Web Hosting Review

One of the largest web hosts in existence, LunarPages, offerings come with a huge library of software and language options, including multiple content management systems, and optional shell access for the expert technician on your team. They also offer a great restoration service that can do full web site restoration from backups up to three days old for just an extra $1.50/month.

Lunarpages Official Page

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#3 Yahoo! Small Business Hosting

One of the few major hosts to offer the fantastic combination of Unix web hosting and Apache web servers, Yahoo! is about as stable and established a company as you are going to get. They are backed up in multiple locations so you don’t have to worry about lost transactions and, with all of the hands that Yahoo! has in the business world pie, you’re not going to have any major problems with marketing and networking.

Yahoo Hosting Official Page

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#4 WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad offers a lot of everything, and they offer it dirt cheap. They brag one of the highest guaranteed uptime percentages at 99.999% (that’s about 26 seconds of downtime per month!), and they do it with servers that offer extensive lists software in all areas of usage, including Flash, a difficult piece of software to support so confidently.

WebHostingPad Official Page

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#5 BlueHost


The Linux servers at BlueHost are loaded with software packages of all kinds, including two types of Database, four types of shopping carts, four types of content management software, and even your own support ticketing system. They boast an average support hold time of 30 seconds. BlueHost has been operating for 15 years, meaning you should be able to expect long-term stability from them in all areas.

BlueHost Official Site

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Regardless of technical specifics, one of the main things you are going to want to know is how good their tech support is, as you could be dealing with complex and demanding customer interaction needs. Find a good web host review site and see what their users have to say. With a combination of good service and good specifications, your distribution company web site should be able to run smoothly.

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