Top 5 Web Hosting for Engineering Companies

Top 5 Web Hosts for Engineering Companies

Engineering web sites have to be, by the nature of the kind of company they are representing, beautiful. But with rare exceptions, they don’t need to be much else. So you won’t need logins, or shopping carts, or any of the things that give webmaster migraines. You just need some basic software, the kind that you can find at just about every web host.

So then, what do you need? In a word, you need simple. You need a host that can do the basics really well. Below are five hosts that we have found that can do just that.

#1 FatCow

FatCow offers a solid set of accounts at a really low price; with a long-term plan you can have an account with them for $3.67/month. They have unlimited just-about-everything, and lots of keyword credits. Importantly, if you need web site design and marketing, they do not only offer it but you can call them to get a quote.

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Fatcow Hosting Official Page

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#2 HostMonster

HostMonster is a popular web host with a good set of features to offer. They’ve been in operation a long time (15 years), they have an excellent online help center with lots of information, and at $7.95/month you can get it all cheap. In fact, they even have a current special of $5.95/month. HostMonster offers a good library of software, and streaming support if you’re the kind of engineering companies that likes movies of your projects on your site.

HostMonster Official Site

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#3 Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting

If your primary goal is a company that can host web sites reliably, quickly and offer you the software to create them nicely as well, you’re not going to find much better than Yahoo! They’re about as old as the web itself, they have their hand in just about every web trend in existence, and you won’t ever have to worry about uptime reliability with them. Note that, in addition to a galaxy of pre-designed site templates, they also offer a $299 5-page web design deal with Logoworks.

Yahoo Hosting Official Page

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#4 WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad Review

If your site is really simple and you want to keep it as frugal as possible, you’re not going to do much better than $1.99/month: that’s how cheap it is currently at Web Hosting Pad. The $200 in online marketing credits certainly doesn’t hurt either. Fortunately their servers and services don’t sacrifice to get this kind of price, and they also offer a fantastic 99.999% uptime guarantee.

WebHostingPad Official Page

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#5 JustHost

JustHost Review

JustHost is just as simple as the name implies. For as low as $3.75 per month, they offer servers with an impressive array of installed software. They also offer more than $200 in online site promotion, and their online knowledge base includes several video tutorials. JustHost offers a long list of web design programs and on-server programming languages.

JustHost Official Site

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There is no reason that the web site for your engineering company needs to take up much of your time and energy; you have engineering to do, after all! Go with one of the five hosts listed above, and you’ll have more time to focus on that.

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