Top 5 Web Hosting Companies for a University

Top 5 Web Hosting for a University

Institutions of higher learning have a special need for their websites. Not only is it a way to gain ‘customers’ through student recruiting, it is a communication tool for current students, alumni, staff, and faculty. A university website delivers a lot of information, and it needs a web host that can handle all the web traffic, multi-media, email accounts, and database information.

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For your consideration, we present below the top five web hosts for universities.

#1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Web Hosting

At InMotion, your institution gets fast, reliable hosting at a very affordable price. You can get cheap shared-server hosting for between $3 and $5 per month. However, what makes InMotion great for universities is that they are completely scalable. You can easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated server hosting to get that extra computing power you need for a busy .edu website.

InMotion uses leading and cutting-edge technology so you know you always get the best equipment available to host your website.

InMotion Hosting Official Site

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#2. IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting has the experience to help your university website become all it can be for your students, faculty, and staff. Their cutting-edge data center technology uses tier 3 redundant servers to help them provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

IX Web Hosting is also scalable with both shared-server hosting and VPS hosting so you can get the privacy you need without risking downtime from other shared server customer actions. You can also purchase up to 15 dedicated IP addresses.

IX Web Hosting Official Site

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#3. LunarPages

LunarPages Web Hosting Review

LunarPages offers a wide choice of options for university websites. Choose from a shared-server plan with basic hosting options, or buy one of their VPS or dedicated server hosting plans that will help provide the private computing power you need for your website.

LunarPages also offers Microsoft Exchange 2010 to give you affordable, enterprise-class messaging for all students, staff, and faculty.

Lunarpages Official Page

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#4. Yahoo Small Business

With the Yahoo! Brand, you can’t go wrong. While Yahoo! doesn’t offer VPS hosting, their shared-server hosting is one of the tops in the industry, and it is extremely affordable at just $7.46 per month. Yahoo! gives you 24 hour support, plenty of multi-media for photos and videos, and site tracker statistics to see exactly where your visitors are coming from and what pages they view.

Your email communications will be handled with their professional Yahoo! business email package. And, of course, with Yahoo!, you have access to thousands of additional resources to help with questions about marketing, legal issues, and other tools found on the web.

Yahoo Hosting Official Page

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#5. BlueHost


BlueHost has been doing business for over 15 years in the web hosting industry. Their experience makes them a leader, and with over 20,000 new customers a month and millions of domains hosted, you can bet BlueHost is a top choice for any university website.

BlueHost utilizes two strategic data centers in the US, so anyone from any side of the country has the fastest access to your site. Though they don’t offer VPS or dedicated hosting, their shared-server hosting plan is packed with all the unlimited features like bandwidth and disk space to help your university website soar.

BlueHost Official Site

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