Why Should you Stick To A Big Hosting Company Over A Small One?

Web Hosting is basically a type of service that allows people to host their websites and make them accessible to the world via the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies provide space on a server and also provide connectivity to the Internet and bandwidth for the clients, i.e. a data center. The variety of web hosting differs on use: business or personal. Personal web hosting is inexpensive; ad sustained and maybe even free while business web hosting can require larger expenditure. Suffice to say the varieties of services provided by web hosting companies vary from free web hosting to support for application development platforms like ASP.NET, SQL etc. and cryptographic protocols like SSL.

Web hosting companies are available and range from large companies, which are companies which have basically been around for a long time and handle large scale web hosting for businesses predominantly, or smaller companies, which in a few words are web hosting companies which are yet to become big. There now arises a small, inevitable question – the choice of web hoster for a potential client, a bigger web hoster or a smaller one?

The answer to this question lies with the client’s own requirements and discretion. But it is seen for generally larger businesses and even smaller web hosting requirements that larger web hosting companies retain an edge over their smaller counterparts. A comparison between the two with advantages and disadvantages:

Smaller Web Hosting Companies:

They are basically web-hosting companies with smaller resources and are new to the market having lower clientele and revenue than their larger counter parts.


  • Smaller and efficient in they’re support.
  • They provide more customization to clients.
  • They are considered more cost effective.


  • Lower resources at their disposal.
  • Lower clientele and hence less revenue.
  • Less market experience as small companies are relatively new.

Large Web Hosting Companies:

Large web hosting companies tend to have an advantage over their smaller counterparts, although they too have their shortcomings. Usually veterans of web hosting, the clientele of these companies are high and hence, the revenue and resources is also considerably higher than smaller companies.


  • They have more clientele and tend to be trusted for big businesses because of their reputations and because they have been around for a long time.
  • They have higher revenue and have more resources at hand for catering to higher demands of space and bandwidth of clients.
  • Their support staff tends to be more experienced in dealing with and handling queries of clients.

Potential disadvantages include higher costs but one should be ready to pay more for better quality, which these large web-hosting companies provide. Also the complaint of being lost in the flood of clientele is a debatable one because none of these companies ever became the quality web hosting companies they are by providing inadequate and inefficient service and support to clientele. Hence, larger web hosting companies have a clear advantage over smaller web hosting companies.

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