What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosts for a Legal Consultant Business

One of the fastest-growing industries is that of legal consultants. Not only are experienced attorneys breaking out of the firm life and going solo in specific expertise areas, but also non-attorneys who specialize in certain areas are becoming high demand for law firms wanting to succeed with their clients.

One of the most important marketing elements of any legal consulting business is a professional looking website. While we leave it up to you to find a good web developer, we offer the best web hosts for you to choose, and offer the best tips on what you should look for.

Here are a few of the most important features you should have for your legal consulting website host:

Great Features at a Great Price

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a web host. For about the price of a single Venti latte at Starbucks each month you can have great hosting with all the features you need.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with hosts who offer multiple tiered plans that supposedly save you money with limited features. There are top-ten rated web hosting companies who offer just a few or even a single web hosting plan for less than $5 a month, and come with plenty of required unlimited features like bandwidth, disk space, and email accounts.

Solid Email Features

With a professional business you can’t afford to have an amateur email with a @hotmail.com domain. You need your business domain with your email like your name @TopLegalConsulting.com. Also look for a host who offers spam filtering for your email as part of the plan, and even mail listing services to help with your newsletters.

Extra Products and Services

While a website and solid hosting are a great start, extra services can put your legal consulting business on the top. If you need professional help with your web design, find a host who offers this service as well. You can also find great hosts who offer professional services in SEO, online marketing, website management, domain services, and eCommerce solutions. These types of extras may cost you more, but they could be worth their weight in gold with the ROI you get

24 Hour Support

When your website is down you lose money, not to mention possible respect and reputation from your clients. You need to choose a web host who will give you the assurance they their technology is reliable and guarantee it with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

What if you are not satisfied with the plan after you purchase it? At the very minimum your host should offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Industry standard is 90 days money back. And there are even a few top-ten hosts who offer an anytime money back guarantee with the asking.

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