What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Your IT Company

Your IT business has special needs when it comes to your website. You don’t need the flashy Flash animation, or super-charged web graphics. What you do need is trustworthy web hosting service that is able to support the files and software you need to make your site attract clients and grow your business.
What precisely do you need in a web host to make it work for you? Here we present a few things we think are important to consider when make a web hosting decision.

World-Class Technology

You need to demonstrate to your potential how reliable your technology is. How can you do that if your web host is frequently down? One of the most important things you need to consider is the technology of your web host.

The most reliable web hosting companies will manage their own data center, or colocate at a major data center operation. Their technology should include the latest dual quad processor web servers, a redundant server and router configuration, and plenty of backup. They should also have backup power so you know your site is on the web even during power failures at the hosting site.

Windows Platform Support

Some IT companies develop software and equipment specific to Windows platforms. If that is the case with your IT business, be sure your web hosting supports Windows platforms such as Windows OS servers, ASP.net, Access databases, and other options you need to make your IT business website do its magic online.


You don’t want to take a chance with a web hosting company. Choose a web host that offers promises and guarantees for their service. That includes a 99.9% or better uptime guarantee and a money back guarantee. An uptime guarantee should include some sort of compensation for acknowledged downtime, such as a full day’s credit any time the website is down for an hour or more. A good money back guarantee starts at 30 days, but the best companies will offer 90 days, or even an anytime money back guarantee.

Flexible Growth Plans

Most all web hosts will offer affordable shared-server hosting. But if your company outgrows the shared-server features and needs a little more processing power, disk space, and bandwidth, you should have the option for either virtual private server plans (VPS) or dedicated server plans.

Scripting and Plugin Support

Your IT business website will want to illustrate your capabilities. That is where scripting and 3rd party software plugins are helpful to make your website shine like a beacon among other sites. Be sure your web host offers support for all the popular scripting languages and for popular plugin features.

24 Hour Support

Finally, your web host must have a dedicated support team at the ready. Beware of web hosts who offer “24 hour support” but only through delayed email or online ticket submission. Require your web host to be available for live support 24 hours a day via telephone, online chat, or even Skype.

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