What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for a Media Company

Media companies have to present their best face to the world. There is too much creativity and competition in this industry to settle for a plain or mediocre website. There needs to be glitz, flash, sparkle, and shine to a website in order to convince a potential client that your business is the right one to choose.

While your media business website may be designed with all the right features, do you know if your web hosting company is prepared to support all the files and scripts required? Here are a few important things you need to consider when making your web hosting choice:

Multi-Media support

This is a given with any media company. Your creative work needs to be shown to the world via your website. Whether you present your work through audio, video, animation, photos, or other graphic media, your web host needs to be able to support your type of media files. Be sure you look for a host that supports Flash, Shockwave, Real audio/video, custom Mime types, and other streaming media.

Image Galleries

There are many pre-written scripts you can easily install on your media website that will display your work through a photo gallery. Check with your host to be sure they offer at least one type of image gallery for free.

Scripting support

A media business website is likely to have advanced design options. Whether you design it yourself or hire a professional web developer, be sure that your host is ready to support the scripting you use to make your website sparkle. Check to be sure they support popular scripts like Java, Droople, Joomla, Perl 5, Python, and other popular scripting languages.

Social Media

A media company needs to stay in touch with its clientele and potential customers. Social media marketing has become one of the marketing wave of the future. Many top web hosts will offer support for social media scripts that allow you to stay in touch with all your fans, followers, or friends via a few clicks.

Control Panel

You want to be sure you can update and improve your media company website at any time. But a web host with a poor control panel interface makes that task challenging. Be sure your web host offers one of the best control panels in the industry such as Parallel’s Plesk or cPanel software.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your website will likely contain many “heavy” multi-media files that take up a lot of bandwidth. And each time a website visitor requests your site those files take up a lot of bandwidth. Be sure you research your potential web hosts carefully and choose one that offers unlimited bandwidth for your website. Not only will this come in handy for your online visitors, but it will save you money from having to purchase extra monthly traffic allowances.

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