What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for a Gas or Oil Company

Gas and oil companies have an interesting place in the world of online business. On the one hand, it’s probably one of the industries in which the lowest percentage of end customers actually use your web site. Unless they are looking for a station or paying their credit card, most people pumping gas don’t need to go to a browser to do it.

Yet, at the same time you have a lot of things to potentially communicate to customers and other businesses. As such, you need a web host that can host a web site that requires multiple types of software.

There are easy ways to filter your selection list down to the few who can satisfy all of these requirements. There’s certainly one very good place to start.

1) Go with experience

This is one area in which you are not going to want to risk your web site on a new company. Most of them are still good, but there are certain things that you need the experience for.

First, downtime is not an option. No one will notice that your web site is working right, but you can be sure people will notice quickly if it goes down. Even really good newer hosts will now and then be working out some kinks with their servers or network. Second, established hosts will have more experience with the site-creation software you might need. They’ll be able to quickly help you with common errors, as well as making sure that your site has the polished look that is now the norm for such major industries.

2) Go with your own server, or servers

Even if only a small percentage of your customers use your site, that can still add up to a lot of traffic, more than you’ll want on a shared server. Also, while we don’t like to think about it, on the chance that some really terrible news item occurs, you are going to want the ability to handle the rush of users that will accompany it. You might consider right from the start spreading your site among a few servers, which means that you’re going to need to find a host that can handle it, experience again comes in handy here.

3) Make them prove it

Ask any prospective host for a list of the high-profile sites that they host. This is one area in which you can definitely ride off the experience of your competitors or other industry names: if this host is good enough for them, it’s likely good enough for you. Find out also, as you do this, which ones were setup using any site builder and content management software that they might offer.

Your job as webmaster of a gas or oil company isn’t to make it extravagant; it’s just to get it right, no excuses. Focus on proven reliability in your hunt for a web host, and you should be able to get just that.

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