What to Look For When Choosing Web Hosting for a Construction Business

Construction companies can experience a feast or famine type of business cycle. In good economic times the work is steady, but when work dries up it’s hard to turn away any type of work. However, one thing always stays consistent with any construction company – their website.

A construction company’s website is their calling card, brochure, business card, and general marketing tool that is always available for potential customers. That is why you, as a construction business owner, need to assure that your website has all the tools it needs to remain available and easily updateable. In that sense, the choice of your web host is of ultra importance.
What should you look for when selecting a web host for your construction company website? We’ve put together a few important things to keep in mind. Read on.


Let’s face it – your marketing budget is tight and the total annual cost of your web host is a factor. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money for your web hosting. Most top-rated web hosts have a plan that is extremely affordable, even as low as $1.99 per month. You could pay up to $15 to $20 a month for a solid plan, but why would you when there are many hosts with plans just as good for around $5 a month? Do your shopping and find a host that offers the best deal.

Photo Gallery

One of the most important marketing tools you have is your online portfolio. You want potential customers to see what you are capable of building. An online photo gallery is important to get your work presented professionally. Check with your potential web host to see that they offer a photo gallery software plugin. Many hosts offer this feature for free with their plans. Web hosts who offer this usually make it easy to install, upload photos, and update when necessary.

Easy Account Control

You are in the construction business, not the web design or web master business. So you need a way to easily control your website account that doesn’t require a Master’s degree in computer science. Look for web hosts that offer the best control panel software like Parallel’s Plesk, or cPanel software. Many offer these types of control panels for free, and many will even let you try an online demo to see just how easy they are.

Website Building Tools

Even though web or graphic design is not your business specialty, you still want a great-looking website. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a professional website designer to construct and program your website. In fact, many reputable web hosts offer a free website building tool to help you create and design a slick-looking website in just minutes. Depending on what you feel comfortable with, look for a host that offers to help you build a website through templates, or even through customized drag and drop.

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