What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for a Bank

It can be hard to realize, but it was just 20 years ago when few people had even heard of the worldwide web. Today not only does a web site exist for just about every person, place or thing in the United States and half of the world, but the notion of any company larger than a lemonade stand not having one seems pitifully quaint.

The banking industry perhaps experiences the worst burden of these types of expectations. Not only is it all but unthinkable for a bank today to not have a website, but that site should have an Olympic level of perfection to it. A banking IT executive looking for a host cannot err in their selection. If you are this lucky person, you could probably use a quick primer on what you are looking for.

Keep the vault safe

As the webmaster of a banking web site you will likely have a very specific set of needs that are different from most other sites. The biggest of these will be security. Nobody wants their account hacked, but if your site’s security gets compromised there is almost no limit to how bad it could affect your business. That’s one reason you are almost definitely going to want a dedicated server.

After that you have a critical question to ask: what operating system should you utilize? Windows hosting is still very popular and as thus probably has the most consistent, up-to-date software support. Unfortunately, the shortcoming of Windows security is well known, and it seems unlikely to ever change. Linux, on the other hand, has a far more respected security setup; and while its software development is not nearly as massive as Windows, it has been catching up in recent years. Lastly, if the tightest possible security is uncompromisingly your top priority, then you’ll want to try to hunt down one of the few UNIX hosts out there, and make sure you have the programmers who can work with it.

Have the best people on your side

This is one of many reasons that you’ll also need 24/7/365 tech support, though these days that’s about the industry standard. Better to see how good that support is: check around the web for review sites describing their customer service experience with the companies you are interested in. There is a very wide range of quality in this area. Try to also get root access so that you can minimize the amount of problems you’ll actually need tech support for.

Have the best tools, too

And naturally, make sure that your machine comes with a good array of software. While you usually have the option to install some yourself one way or another, it’s better to be a part of a standardized package so that all of the kinks would have been worked out before you. Double this advice for database software.

There are plenty of hosts that satisfy all of these requirements. Do your homework carefully, and you should find a stable place to call your banking web site home.

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