The Most Ideal Option for Real Estate Company Web Hosting

Running a real estate business comes with a lot of challenges. Not only do you have to focus on the field operations of the business but also on the technical aspect. You will be responsible for overseeing agents and contracts, as well as making sure you have a comprehensive web site up and running at all times. While you can hire a webmaster to build your website and add content, you will ultimately be responsible for the type of web hosting account your site is housed on. You will need to consider things like how much bandwidth you need, or disk space. The following is some helpful information on all the benefits associated with having an unlimited space and bandwidth hosting plan.

Storing and Displaying Images of Properties

When you are in the business of selling real property, you must remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. You will want to have a plethora of photos of each and every listing you have. The more photos you have on your site for each listing, the less time you waste on showing properties people may not be interested in. Since image files can take up so much space, you want to be sure you have enough bandwidth and disk space so that loading them is not a problem for people browsing your site. This is one reason having an unlimited account is best.

Listings and Forms

While documents do not take up a lot of room, and you can store literally thousands of forms without filling up your space requirements, listings are what the public and other real estate offices view. Again, it is really important that your website load quickly and that you have no down time as a result of server overload or limited disk space and bandwidth. If you do not have a website that people can easily access, they may move on to other sites. There are many web hosting plans that you can purchase that won’t cost you a lot of money, not when you compare the price to the amount of money you might lose if you lose even one sale.

Videos and Other Media

Many realtors in today’s day and age have gone tech. They offer virtual tours of properties through video and media files. This in addition to photos can take up an extreme amount of space, not to mention use up a lot of bandwidth. If you are allocated only a specific amount of each, your clients may run into lag or loading issues when trying to view your videos, even if they happen to be on a fast internet connection. Streaming depends mainly on the web hosting account the videos are being hosted on. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that with the cost of gas, and days seeming shorter and shorter, having a good deal of images and videos will save you time and money.

Data Back Up and Storage

The last thing we will discuss when it comes to having unlimited bandwidth and disk space for a real estate business is back up and storage. You are going to want a hosting plan that also offers you the option to keep your important and sensitive information stored somewhere safely in the event you should have computer crashes within your office, or even total devastation based on weather or some other undesirable occurrence. It is absolutely imperative that businesses have all their data backed up. Having an unlimited hosting account will almost always offer you this option. Your information is fully encrypted and safe from prying eyes, so no need to worry there.

In conclusion, real estate businesses really depend on their websites today in order to draw in traffic and make sales. Everyone knows that all sorts of markets are suffering currently, with real estate being one of the hardest hit. If you have the cutting edge of having the most user friendly and easily loadable website then you stand a much greater chance of success.

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