The Importance of Local Hosting for a Localized SEO

First of all we should establish what it is that SEOs actually do. SEO stands for search engine optimizer and they help websites appear higher up on search engine listings in order to get more traffic though the site. So, when we’re talking about local hosting, it basically means that your server is physically located wherever it is you are trying to reach. This can be vital in getting better search engine results and in reaching your target audience. In other words, if you wanted to use local hosting in order to reach an audience in Texas, you would want your server to be located in Texas.

A lot of people wonder why local hosting is important for a localized SEO. It’s simple actually. A localized SEO will refine your advertising in search engines to the people that are in the area of your business. Why waste time and money advertising to someone halfway across the globe if you don’t even have the capability to transact with them yet? This is where a localized SEO come in. They will make sure that if you are based in Texas; your site will come up when anyone from Texas enters a search related to your business. Using a locally hosted server only makes it easier for them the reach the target audience. Local hosting is a widely used tactic for larger international businesses to show up in local search engine results. By having their server locally based, it ensures that Google will see where the server actually is through reverse ip lookup. That way anyone who is located around where your server is located will see your website when looking up local businesses. This is perhaps the biggest reason why local hosting is important for a localized SEO.

Another think to take into to consideration is if have a locally hosted server will affect your download speed. Unless your page consistently loads slowly because of the size of the site, you shouldn’t run into problems regarding performance. Yet another thing to discuss is the possibility of obtaining local domains which sometimes is not always reasonable. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain the right domain name right and it can be technically difficult if your business is not yet ready for it. This is where getting a locally hosted server would be the best and simplest solution. Sometimes it’s the only way and emphasizes why local hosting is important for localized SEOs.

In the end it basically comes down to what is most financially and technically doable for your company at this point time. There is no doubt that having a localized server can dramatically help you increase your hits and returns in search engines. With performance not being an issue the only problems you could run into are the problems that any server runs into. Don’t worry, most quality and respected web hosting services offer free maintenance and support. Don’t waste any time in reaching your target audience.

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