Should You Use Shared Hosting?

This article will discuss the pros and cons of shared hosting. Shared hosting is essentially when multiple websites use the same server, web location, and ip address. Shared hosting is popular among bloggers and small websites. This method comes with a built in user interface with, e-mail, file managers, and password protected databases. It also is economically smart as it costs much less the other hosting method because there are multiple uses of the one server. With its very reliable hosting it will easily take care of your initial bandwidth needs.

When comparing the pros and cons of shared hosting, I like to start with the pros. The setup and maintenance is quick and easy and it offers excellent support along with an easily customizable interface. Shared hosting should definitely be the preferred hosting method for any new or small website trying to afford reliable service. Shared hosting is much cheaper than any other method of hosting such as dedicated hosting or VPS. This allows startup websites or bloggers to flourish without the heavy financial burden of dedicated hosting. The setup of the interface doesn’t require a large technical knowledge. It can be easily accessed and managed by any user.

However, shared hosting with other websites can have its downsides as does anything. It often can be prone to viruses or other problems because of its low security level. This can lead to poor performance on your website with system crashes or server overload along with the risk of cross contamination across websites. One of the biggest disadvantages of using shared hosting is that the hosting company can squeeze as many websites on the server as they want. This means that you can run into issues with limited resources as far as the amount of memory you have access to. Another one of the biggest concerns is that your ip can be blacklisted if any of the other websites on your server come under attack from viruses or trojans.

When you look at the pros and cons of shared hosting, it really comes down to how much you want to pay. You get what you pay for with shared hosting but it does have some significant drawbacks. This being said, it will have reliable service and bandwidth speeds for anybody starting out that can’t afford better. The interface allows even a beginner to easily navigate and use emails. You just have to be able to trust that the other websites on your server follow the guidelines and don’t hog up too much of your memory. You will have no way of knowing what other websites share your ip address and this can be disconcerting to some people who put so much times into their websites. If you can look past all of these security issues and concern than you should definitely look into shared hosting. It’s a miracle for any websites trying to get off the ground that could otherwise not afford their own server.

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