Magento vs Oscommerce – Which one is your best ecommerce solution?

Most people who choose and ecommerce solution will know of Magento. It’s the top ecommerce company because it’s backed by Ebay that bought it out a few years ago. Some may know of Oscommerce and feel that it is the better of the two but one still might ask the question which one of them is the best ecommerce solution?

Well these two pieces of software are as different as night and day. Both come from the open source community but both don’t walk the same road. Magento is a massive company now thanks to being purchased by online auction giant Ebay. Ebay and other companies whose lifeblood online is on how stable and reliable their ecommerce solutions are use Magento because over the years it’s proven itself and has a very strong engineering core and fan base that pitches in as well. One thing goes wrong with Magento and you’ve got an army of people rushing in to get things settled right.

Magento Ecommerce

Figure 1 : Magento Demo page for “Pro” version. You can see at

Magento has its A Game on in this regard which is why people choose this as their primary ecommerce solution. Magento isn’t perfect but they’ve got that massive community surrounding it that makes for any errors that arise able to be targeted by their professionals as well as the professionals in public.

Oscommerce on the other hand has it’s goodies and problems. First of all it’s free. That’s a major plus and it of course is open source which may be it’s main problem. Oscommerce calls for an installation and monitoring by professionals. It’s not something the average Joe and Jane can slap up on their website and call it a day no matter what people say. Fans and users both complain of the lack of user information and the learning curve. It being an open source program means you’ll have to get information from other users and fans for the most part. That leaves you open for some problems should they arise. For those who know how to install and operate Oscommerce the living is easy. It calls for some study, learning curve, more study, application and constant monitoring.

Oscommerce Demo

Figure 2 : Oscommerce Live Demo Site ( You can see at,21173

Magento has most of the problems that Oscommerce has covered. It’s because Magento has more engineers and mega money backing it up. It’s a matter of choice based on needs and preferences. If you’re ready to just breeze through things then you can hit on Magento, however if you want some fine tuning to your very own satisfaction then you work on Oscommerce.

That’s about the size of it. Two popular pieces of software that handle ecommerce but in different ways. Which is best is up to you.

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