Magento vs Opencart – Which one is better?

Now that Magento is totally owned by Ebay it has become the ecommerce solution monster on the web and one might ask about the competition like Opencart to see which one is better.

Well it all depends on two things, user friendliness and reliability.

Both companies got their start in the open source community and Magento rose up the ranks as they quickly filled in the gap that companies and people needed to do commerce on the web. Magento became quite a force to be reckoned with as programmers tossed in their two cents to get the program working efficiently and stable so that fans and companies grabbed hold to it, ran with it, got results, and then Ebay came along and saw a good thing.

Magento Ecommerce

Figure 1 : Magento Demo page for “Pro” version. You can see at

Opencart is also a powerful ecommerce solution and you’ll find many companies, individuals and institutions utilizing it. It’s benefits, actually the things that make it stand out are its reliability, stability, simplicity to use and reputation. Opencart does just what an ecommerce solution needs to do. Not only that but it also is open to greater development. The company knows it’s got to deliver to be competitive but they don’t get heavy handed and they keep the faith of what has gotten them accepted to date and that’s simplicity of use, operations, and maintenance.

Opencart Ecommerce

Figure 2 : Opencart Demo page. You can see at

Magento has also that open source advantage however it can get over dressed which can happen with open source associated software. Magento doesn’t have to really worry about it though because they’re the 800lb gorilla now and with Ebay behind them there’s no telling what will happen next.

The bottom line is that searching for an ecommerce solution you’ll have to confront Magento and Opencart as the solution as you’ll have to be responsible for your clients. You need to thoroughly study both companies and what they offer and make sure you know them inside and out. Yes, they’re generally easy to implement but that doesn’t mean you just install and walk away. You need to find what goes on behind the scenes and you’ll get tons of information from the companies themselves as well as their fans and software engineers. It’s great to check fan forums as well as you’ll get all kinds of inside tips on how best to utilize both. So both companies offer great ecommerce solutions but they’ve got to be tailored to your tastes and needs. A little study and you should find which one is best for you.

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