Know The Tricks Of The Hosting Company

The industry of Internet is huge today. There are millions of sites and each of them has different business strategies to overcome the hurdle of the competitive market and gain more popularity. Users all over the world have different requirement and different choices. It is a difficult job for the companies to keep the users attached to their particular site and use their site on a regular basis rather than opting for some other site, which would provide them with more convenient options. They use different tricks and methods to capture the interest of the users and keep them attracted to the particular site. This is entirely subjected to marketing and advertising and it is getting more and more sharp and witty with the everyday gaining popularity of the Internet.

There are some top trick and cheat that hosting company use to lure customer. The basic income of a site comes from the advertisements that are attached to the pages of the site. With more and more users of the site, the publicity and the success rate of the advertisements become grater. So, the aim of the company will always be to lure the customers to view more and more pages and thus show them more and more advertisement pages. One of the tops trick and cheat that hosting company use to lure customer is that the information for a particular topic does not come completely under one page. The first page will consist of links whish the users need to open to enter and have access to the remaining information. So to get complete information on a particular topic, a person has to open multiple pages, which would lead to him viewing more and more advertisements. Besides that, many sites try to lure customers by providing them with various facilities, which ultimately lead to betterment of the Internet technology as a whole. Some mail sites provide more attachable space than others, and in the same way, the biggest competition is between social networking sites. It is very obvious that customers do not like to see many advertisements. Another of the top trick and cheat that hosting company use to lure customer is the mechanism by which they hide the advertisement in such a way that users will unconsciously be accessing them. For example, a social networking site has created an application that is sure to attract many customers; there will be advertisements attached to the applications which one has to access in order to use the application. And more over he will have to post the advertisement on his wall so that others can see it. Some sites use names close to other more famous sites and thus if the user miss-types the name of the site, the concerned site will open up. This is another of the top trick and cheats that hosting company use to lure customer.

It is not a crime to be using tricks or cheats to gain popularity of a site. It is just a marketing strategy that many opt for. These are just a few of the top trick and cheat that hosting company use to lure customer. There are many more used strategically and scientifically to gain more popularity.

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