It is Always Best To Have A Web Server That is Based in The US?

The argument over which countries web servers are the best has been raging for decades. The truth however is quite clearly that a US server is always the better choice.

Web servers based in the United States are considered to be superior to any overseas servers. The reason for this is that Americans form the vast majority of most websites audience. When using an overseas web server it can create a multitude of problems for the people you are trying to reach. Local serves offer faster loading and download times on their pages, there is also a much smaller chance of the website freezing. While these may seem like small issues there have been studies that show websites with faster loading times are often more popular among users.

The other problem with using an overseas server is the maintenance. When the server suffers network issues or just need general maintenance the time difference with an overseas server can result in a number of problems. The worst of these is that your website will most likely be down during the busiest times of the day. With a local server however the repair work will be done during the quieter hours to prevent disruption. The other factor in this is that the US has a larger concentration of computer technicians than other countries. This means that the repair work will not only be done to a high standard but also that it will most likely be done faster because there are more people to work on it.

A large number of polls and studies have been undertaken in this area and US servers always come out on top. Most top 10 lists will include 7-8 different US server hosts and all of the top three will be from the United States. This gives a very clear indication of both the people’s good experiences with US servers as well as those of a number of businesses. The most likely reason for this love of US servers by both locals and foreigners is the fact that most websites are marketed towards the US. This is done because the United States has a very large consumer population. American people are more likely to be using these sites than other countries unless the site is highly specialised. This results in it being not only more productive to use a US server but also more cost effective.

In terms of cost US servers are often cheaper to use than web servers based in other countries. This is largely because many websites are trying to host themselves on a US server and this high demand allows for these servers to give better prices. This very competitive market works well for customers and means that the websites clients are often able to enjoy the benefits of the company’s savings.

Web Servers based in the United States are most certainly a far better choice than for hosting a website than the servers offered by any of the other countries. You may see our Top 10 Web Hosting for US based web hosting companies.

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