How Green Hosting Could Benefit Your Online Business

“Green” web hosting is a popular term in the 21st century. With all the news of global warming, fossil fuel shortage, and increasing energy costs, it is no wonder that many web hosts are taking a stance and doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. But put on top of this news the fact that web servers at a large web hosting data center can use up as much electricity in a year as a small city, and it seems clear that all web hosts should do their part to reduce their energy usage.

A web host can advertise it’s “greenness” through a number of different ways. One main way is through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) which promote the expansion of alternative energy sources like wind, sun, hydro, and geothermal energies. These companies can also establish energy-reduction policies with their web servers, recycling policies, and even true environmental movements like planting trees.

But how can choosing a “green” web host benefit your business? Here are just a few ways:

Attract Environmentally-Conscious Customers

The carbon-neutral movement is a global one. And millions of people around the world are becoming more conscious of how they affect the environment with their choices.

When you choose a green web hosting company you will mostly likely get the benefit of proudly displaying a “green” energy badge on your own website. And what a strategic marketing device this can be! People are always looking to do their part to remain carbon-neutral, and supporting other businesses who do the same. This can be a big selling point to millions of environmentally sensitive customers. Use it to your advantage.

Save Money by Saving the Environment

Why is it important for you to choose a “Green” web host? Besides the marketing benefit, what does your business get out of it?

Not only is it a wise marketing choice to go with green hosting, but your business could ultimately save money by choosing to abide by “green” and carbon-neutral policies. Your energy consumption can be greatly reduced with the right energy reduction choices. You can reduce your garbage pickup bill each month with expanded recycling programs.

Green Hosting = Solid Web Hosting

“Green” web hosts are not usually your typical fly-by-night hosting companies. These are usually companies established by experienced industry professionals who know how to manage an energy-wise data center, and offer sound and feature-rich hosting plans.

Take for instance a few of the top ten web hosts like,, and These companies offer outstanding web hosting plans, and are all very active in saving electricity and other environmental movements. Your choice to use one of these companies can benefit your business with a solid hosting plan, as well as helping promote your own “green” efforts with your customers.

Going “green” with your web hosting choice has multiple benefits. It can help you save money, gain extra customers, and obtain a solid and unbeatable hosting plan. If you haven’t gone “green” yet, consider one of these hosting plans as your next web host.

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