Excessively Cheap Hosting Companies Could Hurt Your Online Business

You get what you pay for. This old proverb goes way back even before your father first told you as a child. But the core of the message remains true today. And that core message is value.
Let it be known that there are many reputable web hosting companies offering affordable hosting plans for just a few dollars a month that are extremely valuable, trustworthy, and competitive. However, there are other companies who offer “cheap” web hosting who strip down the features you get and could jeopardize your online business website. And that’s what you need to be watchful for.


A “too cheap” web host is looking to sell you a plan that looks good on price, but fails in a number of ways. One of the most important is web server uptime. A reputable hosting company will deliver a promise or guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime.

If your potential cheap host is mum on their data center, and offers no guarantee of uptime, you can be sure that your business website will likely suffer from multiple server crashes throughout each month.

Lost Data

A reputable web host will have some type of data backup process. However, if you save money on “cheap” hosting without an assurance of data security, you could lose important data. Also, if your website collects any type of private or sensitive data from your customers, that sensitive data could be jeopardized if put into the trust of an unscrupulous cheap web host.

Be sure your hosting company has some policy of protecting your data, as well as backing up your information on a regular basis.

Bandwidth Caps

A lot of web hosting companies pretend to save you money by protecting the amount of data transfer you are allowed in any given month. Sure, it’s nice to get web hosting for a few bucks a month, but if your website exceeds a specific allotment of bandwidth, then your business website could be unceremoniously shut down.

Find yourself a web host that not only offers “unlimited” bandwidth, but also bandwidth that is unmetered. Most web hosts will say they have “unlimited” data transfer, and yet promptly let you know when their meter checks exceed a given amount. True unlimited bandwidth is just that – unmetered and unlimited.

Lack of Proper Support

What will you do if you face a problem or tough question regarding your web hosting? Will your web host come through for you with their technical support? An ultra-cheap web host will not likely have the proper support for any size business website.

Be sure your host has full access to technical support 24 hours a day, preferably via telephone. And you should also have access to an full online help center that has articles, tutorials, and video help of most questions.

Lack of Important “Extras”

Extras may seem unimportant at first, but can make a big difference in the quality of your website without them. Watch out for “cheap” web hosts who do not support popular scripting and 3rd party software plugins. Your host should also allow support for multi-media files, and offer some sort of eCommerce tools.

Other helpful extras may be professional web design and marketing consulting. A “no-frills” web host will not offer these helpful extras that could be essential for helping a business website succeed online.

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