Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Hosting

The Cloud. That’s the new thing going around, well not all that new, but Cloud hosting as we call it can be a plus or a minus to the webmaster, public, or company and we might ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud hosting?

Basically for those new to the subject, cloud hosting or cloud computing is essentially the process whereby one’s software or operating software are hosted elsewhere thus freeing up your computer for resources. Think of it this way, instead of the software for one of your programs on your hard drive and eating up RAM, hard drive space, and other resources, you can have the software hosted elsewhere and run your programs with minimal energy and resource usage. It allows for businesses and schools to accommodate it’s clients and students. We find cloud hosting and computing in the video game industry. The software isn’t on your hard drive it sits on a server elsewhere as it’s being maintenanced there. Players access the software via their browsers or a console, a piece or snippet of code to allow an interface, and they just play and play until their heart’s content.

So what are the advantages of cloud hosting? Obviously the convenience to the user. No more space and RAM gobbling software or other problems and hazards. It allows for smoother operation across the board and takes away lots of headache.

On the other hand, Cloud hosting has had it’s fair share of big problems. For one, it houses and stores your data, personal and sometimes banking data if it’s a commerce site. Those criminal evil doers have gained access to these servers and wreaked havoc on the corporations. The matter of security regarding Cloud hosting is a serious one that unfortunately has cost companies and countries billions of dollars and ruined reputations as well as customers who’ve been severely inconvenienced and damaged.

So we’re talking a dichotomy here. A form of computing that provides a larger form of service and a form of computing that if not policed properly can cause chaos throughout entire networks.

It takes some research regarding Cloud hosting. If it’s a huge corporation that is servicing highly important products to the masses, they’ll require a major amount of security and client education to make sure things don’t go wrong.

What you may not know is that there’s lots of Cloud hosting going on around you especially if you’ve used web based email such as Google’s Gmail or AOL or any number of them. Facebook is Cloud hosting too. We’ve all seen the havoc that can occur when a hacker gets into one of their accounts.

So all in all, Cloud hosting has its plusses and minuses but those seem to be the same as any online venue. As the bugs are worked out you may find more Cloud hosting venues arriving but you’ll also find lots of resistance to it as those databases contain too much personal information that people don’t want prying eyes to see and for very good reason. Privacy concerns are of high concern and we’ve seen governments and corporations, schools, military, and law enforcement abuse the use of Cloud hosting to peer into the lives of citizens and far too often people’s rights have been compromised. It’s fair to say if the opportunity arises, there are some who will take advantage of it. Until this issue is handled, where laws are established and enforced properly there won’t be peace in the Cloud hosting industry.

It will be up to the customers to change these issues as well as their representatives. Corporations are going to have to stand strong as well a schools to protect the clientele or they’ll lose customers.

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