5 Features to Find in Web Hosting for a College Website

How to choose hosting for college website

Operating a college website presents its own unique set of challenges. You have frequent faculty and staff changes, not to mention a new student body every term. All class information must be presented for each new term, which means you have database and scripting challenges as well. And, of course, your college website must act as a marketing tool for all prospective students.
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6 Features You Need for Hosting University or College Websites

How to choose hosting for college university websiteIf you help operate a website for an institution of higher learning, you have plenty of obstacles and challenges. Whether you are a state-funded university, community college, or even a small private accredited university, your website is a key tool for marketing, information delivery, and communication. University classes change every term. Student accounts come and go. And you may have thousands of hits per month just from prospective enrollees!
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