Is Statcounter The Best Free Website Statistic Software for your Online Business?


Many websites and webmasters rely on StatCounter to keep track of what’s going on with their websites and that might get one to ask if StatCounter is the best free website statistic software.

That’s all a matter of opinion depending on what you’re looking for in a statistics program. Web analysis software is a huge industry led at present by Google Analytics, however, many people feel that StatCounter is the free website analysis software around. So many sites use the software that it’s almost become a household name and for good reason.
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Pros and Cons of Google Analytics For Your Online Business

Google Analytics

Website owners and their webmasters are generally aware of what Google Analytics is and those that don’t might wonder about the pros and cons of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a popular statistics gathering program that websites use to track traffic, visitors, and just about every kind of detailed data a webmaster needs to know. Although it’s primarily a system designed for the marketing community, the average webmaster and site owner can benefit greatly from the data collected.
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Pros and Cons of Colocation Hosting

Even though you may own a medium to large sized business, you may not have the floor-space, let alone other facilities required to operate network computers. If you still need dedicated hardware, your best option may involve renting hardware from a colocation hosting provider. As with other managed web hosting solutions, with this options you will never need to worry about the expense and maintenance associated with owning your own hardware. At the same time, you can enjoy all the benefits of a website backed with robust hardware support as well as any in-house networking needs for other parts of your business.
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Three Reasons to Used Managed Hosting

No matter whether you own a conventional business for several years, or you are planning to start something new online, you are bound to be wondering what kinds of resources you will have to dedicate to developing an online presence. While many larger companies purchase their own web hosting equipment, these machines are fairly expensive. Therefore, the vast majority of people turn to managed hosting in order to get their websites up and running as quickly as possible. Aside from being cheaper, there are many other advantages associated with managed hosting.
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Three Key Differences Between VPS and VDS


As you may be aware, VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server, while VDS stands for Virtual Dedicated Server. Even though both types of webhosting make use of the same type of hardware, they tend to function a bit differently. While most consider these differences negligible, they can have an enormous impact as your site draws more traffic, or needs to make use of more complicated dynamic scripts. Unfortunately, most people that are not aware of their essential differences may wind up spending more money during the upgrade process simply because they chose a hosting provider that does not offer VDS hosting.
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VPS vs. a Dedicated Server for High Traffic Sites

VPS vs Dedicated Server

As you website traffic grows, you may increasingly find that it is being closed down for excessive bandwidth. In fact, even if you purchase an unlimited hosting package, there are limits that will come into place at some point. Once you reach this stage, you may have to give some serious thought to choosing between a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server.
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A Brief Codero Review

Codero Review

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that will provide plenty of quality features and room to grow, Codero might suit your needs. Aside from offering cloud hosting and dedicated hosting, Codero is also known for having a wide range of customer service options. This includes online chat for technical questions as well as using green servers and other technologies to help reduce environmental impact of the servers.
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