FatCow Vs StartLogic

FatCow Vs StartLogic

Business owners have a lot to worry about in terms of growing nurturing their business. Pains and troubles from a web host is the last thing that should have to be focused on. But choosing the right host to begin with is an all-important decision that can eliminate heartache in the future.

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We bring you only the best in the hosting industry to review. And we take extra steps to compare the best back-to-back. This comparison puts an industry favorite, Fatcow, against StartLogic.

Fatcow has made its mark on the industry with their simple “no bull” plan alongside an effort to provide the best customer service possible. On top of that, Fatcow tends to the environment as well as its clients with the purchase of wind energy.

Startlogic opened its doors with an aim at business customers. They provide both shared and VPS hosting plans to accommodate growing businesses.

But which one is the one for your business? Is there a clear leader among these two? We put them against each other in our thorough comparison and offer our suggestion below.


Fatcow makes it easy for customers with a single plan going for only $4.66 per month, or $56 per year.

StartLogic offers three sizes of shared hosting. Their PersonalLogic plan is only $3.95/mo, the ProLogic is $5.95 per month, and the WindowsLogic plan is $8.95 per month. VPS plans start at just $29.95 per month.

Products and Services

Fatcow looks after their business clients with a long list of available extras to jump start business websites, or improve their ranking. Secure site backup is available, as is SSL certificates for eCommerce. Professional services are available in marketing, eCommerce, domain services, scripting, email, and web site management.

StartLogic offers a strikingly similar array of services including domain registration, search engine optimization, web management, marketing, and eCommerce.

Web Hosting Features

For the sake of business hosting comparison, we’ll look only at the Start Logic “Pro” and “Windows” plans. Both come with free domain, and can host unlimited domains. The ProLogic plan gives unlimited bandwidth and disk space while WindowsLogic gets 100GB storage, and 1000GB of transfer each month. Both get plenty of software and scripting support, as well as multi-media file support and eCommerce tools with each plan. The WindowsLogic plan does offer support for Microsoft-based tools like ASP.NET, FrontPage, and access to a Windows 2003 server.

The FatCow plan is all-encompassing with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. Users get full support for popular scripting, and they get great extra available plugin applications. Business clients also get free eCommerce tools like PayPal integration and free shopping carts, as well as access to extra paid eCommerce services.

Customer Service

FatCow gets full customer support 24 hours a day via phone, chat, or email. They also provide an extensive online help center with user guides, tutorials, and an article knowledgebase.

StartLogic has virtually the same 24 hour technical support contact, as well as the same online help center.


If you see similarities between these companies, it is because they are now operated under the same parent company. While support and extra services are virtually identical, Fatcow still has the best single hosting plan, along with a tremendous commitment to the environment. Our choice goes to FatCow.

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