How Cheap Web Hosting Can Lead to Your Online Business Demise

Today people are so wrapped up in saving money that some of them are losing money as a result. There are some things we can afford to cut-back on but, web hosting for an online business is not one of them. Cheap hosting poses many risks to your business. Not only is cheap hosting usually full of ads and other undesirable content, but it also does not guarantee the experience your customers will have, whereas a good hosting plan will. Let us take a brief look at some of the things that can happen, or are not included, when you purchase a cheap hosting plan.
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The Most Ideal Option for Real Estate Company Web Hosting

Running a real estate business comes with a lot of challenges. Not only do you have to focus on the field operations of the business but also on the technical aspect. You will be responsible for overseeing agents and contracts, as well as making sure you have a comprehensive web site up and running at all times. While you can hire a webmaster to build your website and add content, you will ultimately be responsible for the type of web hosting account your site is housed on. You will need to consider things like how much bandwidth you need, or disk space. The following is some helpful information on all the benefits associated with having an unlimited space and bandwidth hosting plan.
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Magento vs Oscommerce – Which one is your best ecommerce solution?

Most people who choose and ecommerce solution will know of Magento. It’s the top ecommerce company because it’s backed by Ebay that bought it out a few years ago. Some may know of Oscommerce and feel that it is the better of the two but one still might ask the question which one of them is the best ecommerce solution?
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Magento vs Opencart – Which one is better?

Now that Magento is totally owned by Ebay it has become the ecommerce solution monster on the web and one might ask about the competition like Opencart to see which one is better.

Well it all depends on two things, user friendliness and reliability.

Both companies got their start in the open source community and Magento rose up the ranks as they quickly filled in the gap that companies and people needed to do commerce on the web. Magento became quite a force to be reckoned with as programmers tossed in their two cents to get the program working efficiently and stable so that fans and companies grabbed hold to it, ran with it, got results, and then Ebay came along and saw a good thing.
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Is Statcounter The Best Free Website Statistic Software for your Online Business?


Many websites and webmasters rely on StatCounter to keep track of what’s going on with their websites and that might get one to ask if StatCounter is the best free website statistic software.

That’s all a matter of opinion depending on what you’re looking for in a statistics program. Web analysis software is a huge industry led at present by Google Analytics, however, many people feel that StatCounter is the free website analysis software around. So many sites use the software that it’s almost become a household name and for good reason.
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Pros and Cons of Google Analytics For Your Online Business

Google Analytics

Website owners and their webmasters are generally aware of what Google Analytics is and those that don’t might wonder about the pros and cons of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a popular statistics gathering program that websites use to track traffic, visitors, and just about every kind of detailed data a webmaster needs to know. Although it’s primarily a system designed for the marketing community, the average webmaster and site owner can benefit greatly from the data collected.
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