What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Online Auction Business

Online auctions have taken the internet by storm. Auctions are a great and convenient way for people to sell and buy used and new items for a low price, and convenience. The big online auction sites like eBay took many years to gain popularity, but started small just like everyone else. In fact, that’s what you should do, too, when starting an auction site for the first time. But what kind of support do you need with a web host when you are ready to get your online auction site off the ground?

Lots of file space

Remember that an online auction requires the space necessary to hold the files for all the auction items. Choose a website that gives you plenty of disk space. There are many hosts that provide cheap hosting prices, but skimp on the disk space. However, web hosts like LunarPages.com provide unlimited disk space even for their basic hosting plan. As well, they offer ways to upgrade your hosting plan if your auction site takes off. They also offer VPS and dedicated hosting so you can get the extra server space and privacy you need to conduct your online auction.


Creating a dynamic website like an auction site requires the use of databases where you may store data and easily pull it up when a web page requires it. Be sure you get a web host that provides you with the MySQL database support for this important feature. GreenGeeks.com is a great host that is highly rated and offers unlimited databases for you to organize your valuable data for dynamic web pages.

eCommerce tools

Remember that your auction site may need the service of an online shopping cart software to complete the purchase process. Look for web hosts that provide shopping cart choices, as well as support for other third-party shopping cart software. LunarPages.com mentioned above also has great shopping cart support for CubeCart, Magento, OSCommerce, and ZenCart software programs.

Script and third-party software downloads

Online auction sites are not static, meaning they don’t just sit on the web without being updated. They are dynamic websites that require interaction with the webmaster, auction item sellers, and potential buyers. That means you need the scripting and software support to help your web designer and webmaster with the daily updating and interactive process.

Hosting companies like HostMonster.com give each member lots of scripting support such as the popular Perl 5, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and more. These programs offer lots of options for web designers to develop great interactive websites for online auction sites.

Choosing a web hosting company can be a daunting challenge for owners of an online auction business. The needs of such an online business are many, and it’s not often you can find a host that meets all the needs and still be a reputable hosting company. Try the ones listed here, or perform additional research to find similar hosting companies that will be a great fit for your online auction business.

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