What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Insurance Business

Your insurance business means getting leads and turning them into clients. Your business thrives on telling potential clients the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones from financial loss. While you want to be able to speak to all your leads in person, your insurance business website can do a lot of the explaining for you, as well as gather the leads.

Having a great website is key to your business. But with whom shall you go with when it comes time to hosting your insurance business website? There are hundreds of choices, but here are a few things to consider:

Professional Web Design

Your insurance business website must be well-designed and business-looking. While it is always best to rely on the services of a professional web designer, paying the thousands of dollars for designing fees isn’t always feasible. You can make a great website without a designer, especially with the help of web building tools.

If you haven’t yet designed your website, or if you want a change in your current website design, be sure you choose a web hosting company that offers free web design tools to their members. A great choice might be iPage.com who offers a great hosting package that comes with the choice of two free drag and drop website builders, as well as a site builder using templates. With this kind of help you can get a great-looking professional website up and running in no time.


Communication is also a key element of your business. You must have a web host that provides dependable email. Hosts like IXWebHosting.com provide a great plan with unlimited email accounts, email auto-responders, and even a free mailing list feature that allows you to gather your leads, contacts, and current customers and stay in contact with a regular newsletter.


Insurance rates are not one-size-fits-all. They are based on a number of factors about an individual, a home, or an automobile. Using databases you can allow your potential clients to enter their information, hit search, and present them with a potential insurance premium based on their profile. MySQL database support is important, therefore, when you choose a web host. IXWebHosting.com already mentioned above, not only has great email support, but also plans that support unlimited MySQL databases, Windows-based MS SQL 2005, and even MS Access databases so you have flexibility to utilize the database platform you or your web designer prefers.

Search Engine Promotion

Make your website work for you. Getting leads from your website can be simple by promoting your website using keywords on pay per click marketing. A web host like Yahoo! Small Business (smallbusiness.yahoo.com/webhosting) who provides you with free credits to use with major search engines as well as additional promotional and optimization services is the way to go.

Making your insurance business website work for you is important. Make sure you choose a good partner in the form of a reputable web host to help in that area.

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