What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Car Rental Business

A website is not only an online business card or brochure, it is a business tool to get your customers connected with the products and services they need. As a car rental business owner, you want that functionality in your website. It should be easy for customers to use, and have the features needed to conduct transactions such as reservations, payments, and answer questions as well. Who do you go with as a web host who can provide all the support you need for your website? Here are a few important things to consider.

Website Interaction

Having a website that is interactive and functional for your customers and potential customers is important. They need to be able to check on availability choices of your vehicles, make reservations, and more. That means designing a website with these interactive features utilizing databases that store information, and utilize scripts to create the customized web pages which deliver to your online customers.

Finding a web host who offers a plan with support for interactive features is a key element for your website. JustHost.com is an award-winning hosting company that offers a wide choice of software, database and scripting support. Installation of third-party software is easy, setting up databases is just a few clicks away, and all the popular scripts are supported such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl 5, and Javascript.


Though you are selling a service, you are also promoting your service through products. Potential clients want to see what they are going to drive. Having a web hosting service that supports image files is important. Hosts like WebHostingPad.com is a great choice since they offer unlimited disk space, as well as an image gallery to house all the photos of your vehicles.

Site Promotion

Getting customers to your website is not a matter of creating a website then crossing your fingers. You need to actively promote your car rental website so that you get the leads for your business. That means getting noticed by search engines, using search engine paid keyword advertising, and even promoting on popular social websites. JustHost also has an outstanding free promotion feature for their members that includes credits to use with pay per click ads, and social media. FatCow.com is another outstanding web host service who gives members credits to paid search advertising, social media promotion, and even a free YellowPages.com listing. FatCow also offers an optimization evaluator to help assure that your website is completely optimized for search engines.

Uptime Guarantee

A website that isn’t working is a website that isn’t making money. You need to be sure that you can depend on your web host to keep your website up even when there is an internal server issue. JustHost also provides their customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee that assures you that they constantly stay on top of data center issues and get problems solved fast.

Take a look at the recommendations listed here. You may find that one of them is the perfect web host for all your car rental website needs.

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