What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for a Music Business

The music business is much like show business – there’s just no business like it. In addition, like show business, the show must go on. Your music is a product, and in order to survive you need to be able to produce a quality product, market and promote it, and make a profit to sustain your music business.

Your website is an important tool in your marketing and promotional toolbox. It is the place where your fans (read: customers) go to learn more about your music products, listen to samples, and even make purchases of downloads and merchandise. You don’t want to worry about who is hosting your website. A wrong hosting choice can cause many headaches down the road.

What should you look for in a web host? Here is a short list of what we believe are important aspects to consider:

Lots of Storage Space

No doubt you’ll be uploading and storing a lot of music files. A music business website need to show off its product. The files associated with music are not small. Even compressed MP3s take up considerable and precious megabytes. You need to find a web host that doesn’t limit your disk storage space. Find one that offers unlimited storage. Most top-rated companies will have affordable plans that give you the space you need for your important commodity – music.


It is so frustrating when a website goes down. It could go down for a number of reasons, including poor data center operations and limitations on visitor traffic to your site. Any one of these and other reasons can cause their servers to crash. Be sure you get a web host that provides unlimited or generous monthly bandwidth, and has a tech center that has demonstrated reliability. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is a key element to look for.

Multi-Media Support

Not only do you need to store your music files for your website, but you also must be able to display them through your website. Unlike a photo or image that is simply displayed on the website, you need additional software and support that allows your music to stream instantly to your visitors’ browsers. Be scrutinizing on this point. Choose a web host that supports streaming audio and other multi-media.

Online Store / eCommerce Support

As a music business you have something to sell. A web host can act as a strategic partner who helps you build an online business to sell your product. Web hosts should have a good choice of shopping cart software, as well as support for payment options, like PayPal, so you can conduct business online and sell your music without the need for a retail store.

Running a music business is hard but rewarding work. Allow your mind to be free from worry about your music biz website. Using these guidelines you’ll be able to choose the right host for your needs, and focus on what you do best – making music!

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