What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for a Hospital

A medical facility differs from place to place. Some specialize in particular fields such as cardiac or cancer treatment, and getting the word out about your hospital or medical facility on the internet is just as important for your patients to know more about you and what to expect. And along with your website you need a solid and dependable web host who will be your online partner with your website.

So what do you need to look for in a web host for your medical facility? Here are a few things to consider:

Uptime Dependability

One of the most important things you must do as a hospital is being available to your patients 24 hours a day. That means on your website as well. It is vital, therefore, to choose a web host who gives you the assurance you need that your website will be available to patients and others at all times. Look at web hosts like InMotionHosting.com and JustHost.com who offer their plan members a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That is essential for knowing that your web host is constantly on top of issues before they even happen so your website is online at all hours.

Database Support

There are many uses for databases. You may want to store data about your hospital staff, or keep a database of jobs and descriptions for potential hires. Having that database support in a web host is important. JustHost also offers support for unlimited MySQL databases with their plans. Another great option is GreenGeeks.com who offers unlimited MySQL databases for their hosting clients as well.

Healthy Environment

It is important for you to promote health to your patients. Why not make that statement toward the environment as well? Promoting efficient electricity usage is vital for sustainability and the overall environmental protection. Choosing a web host that subsidizes wind energy and practices other carbon-neutral practices can give your website that special spark for environmental awareness. GreenGeeks is also an eco-friendly web hosting company that purchases wind energy certificates three times over what they actually use. That means they are 300% wind energy efficient. As well, FatCow.com purchases 100% wind energy certificates, and practices energy efficiency with their servers, and has established recycling and low-consumption practices in their offices.

Blog Support

Publishing a health blog through your hospital website can be a great benefit to your patients. Choose a web host that offers blog support such a FatCow who offers plug-in ability for WordPress, as does JustHost for WordPress and b2evolution blogging software.

There is much to consider when designing your hospital website such as keeping your patients in the know about hot topics, presenting your medical staff bios, and offering advice about medical issues. Be sure you carefully choose your web hosting partner so that your website has the uptime assurance and the support for all the elements you need within your website. The recommendations listed here are great choices, but feel free to use this as a starting point to research the best choice for you.

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