What to Look for When Choosing Hosting for Real Estate Business

Real estate is perhaps one of the most profitable businesses on the planet, especially when brought to a global market such as the internet. With an unlimited client base the potential exists to reach an audience of millions, resulting in substantial profits. This kind of opportunity can cause a lot of real estate agents to jump on the bandwagon rather quickly, without any knowledge pertaining to the web hosting industry.

To have the most success with a real estate website, you’ll want the site to appear and perform as professionally as possible. The following information can help you find the right web hosting account for your online real estate business.

What Kind of Real Estate Site are You Building?

The answer to this question will directly affect the amount of server resources you’ll need to keep the site operating smoothly. If you would simply like to make a small portfolio, then you can use a shared hosting account to create a couple of web pages. However, if you want to create a site that lists hundreds of properties, then you will need a powerful web server that is reliable and comes with a comprehensive hosting plan.

Picking the Best

If you’ve decided upon picking the best server for your real estate license, then you should know that there are no better servers than a dedicated server. With a single dedicated server, you could host hundreds of real estate sites without slowing down the server at all. Considering the high profits and salary attained by the average real estate agent, it would be optimal to purchase the best dedicated server you can find. However, it is important to choose the right kind of dedicated server for your needs.

Choosing the Right Dedicated Server

Once you’ve decided upon purchasing a dedicated server it is important to make sure it is a fully managed dedicated hosting plan. Unmanaged dedicated hosting plans are not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. It can take a lot of knowledge and skills in server administration to keep a dedicated server running smoothly. With a fully managed hosting account you can forget the burden of keeping the server running smoothly, and focus instead on expanding your real estate client base. Fully managed dedicated hosting accounts cost about $150 per month, which is well within the budget of the average real estate broker or agent.

Using a VPS Hosting Account

If you are low on start-up funds then you could alternatively use a VPS hosting account, such as those offered by IX Web Hosting. VPS hosting is powerful enough to run a medium-sized real estate web site. Many people believe that VPS hosting accounts are the best value in the hosting industry, because they provide optimal performance at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. VPS hosting accounts are perfect for real estate portfolio sites because a Virtual Private Server can handle the load of a lot of traffic without succumbing to poor performance like a shared server.

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