What to Look for When Choosing Hosting for a Hotel Business

Every business model requires different tools and resources to operate efficiently, regardless of the industry that business is part of. This same concept can be applied to the web hosting industry. All web hosting plans are different, and therefore provide different advantages for different business models. The hotel industry is hospitality based and does not require a great deal of technological power. It is beneficial for a hotel to have its own website, so that it may expand its outreach to a global level.

The following information should help you find the right kind of web hosting for your hotel business.

Assessing Your Needs

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide what you want your website to consist of. Most hotel sites contain only a few pages that describe the hotel premises, location and local attractions. However, if you’re considering a hotel rate comparison site, or if you have a large chain of hotels then you may need a larger site. The larger the website, the more server resources you’ll need. A simple site that is designed to advertise one hotel could easily be placed on a shared hosting account, whereas a more comprehensive web site that advertises a large chain of hotels may need a VPS hosting account.

Comparing Features

Once you have a good idea of what your site will consist of, it is time to decide between shared or VPS hosting. In general, unless you won thousands of hotels around the world, you will not need a server more powerful than a VPS. VPS is the recommended hosting type for a hotel website and you may obtain affordable VPS hosting via websites such as Host Gator and IX Web Hosting.

Most VPS hosting accounts will come with a free domain registration. Many of them will claim to offer unlimited features, however it is important to note that every web server has its limits. Fortunately, a hotel business web site will usually never breach those limits so that is irrelevant for you. Your primary concern should be finding a hosting plan with quality service, cPanel, and the ability to host unlimited domains. The reason why it is important to host as many domains as possible, is because you may want to create a domain for each location of your hotels. For example, you may have a domain entitled “my-hotel-in-miami.com” and you may have another domain entitled “my-hotel-in-chicago.” This will give you more long term traffic from search engines, and thus is highly advisable.

Finding a Reputable Hosting Company

Once you’ve narrowed down the list and you have a few prospective companies based on the above criteria you’ll need to pick the most reliable one. Reliability and customer support, found via reputable companies such as JustHost and FatCow, are the two most important factors in the web hosting industry. Without these attributes a web hosting provider is essentially useless. This is especially true for the hotel business, because the hospitality industry itself relies upon consistency. If a client tries to book a stay at your hotel and your website is down, you can be sure that you’ve lost that client. Therefore it is absolutely imperative to find a company that is reliable and provides 24 hour support.

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