4 Features to Consider for Web Hosting for Your Consulting Business

If you are running a consulting business, you know the importance of professionalism. No one does your job better than you, which is why you stand by the work and service you provide your clients 100%. Of course, you should expect no less from your own web hosting company for your consulting business website!

Web hosting has come a long way since the days where a college kid could house a few servers in his basement and offer “shared server” hosting for cheap. Nowadays, more and more people and businesses are putting websites on the internet very affordably. With economies of scale, major web hosting companies can offer shared server hosting for very little money, and you get the benefit of world-class technology and support.

Here are a few important things you should consider when approaching your next or first web hosting company.

Secure and Trustworthy Servers

You need your website available to your customers, 24/7. Therefore, you need to choose a web host with solid servers that give you assurance with an uptime guarantee.

Data center configurations have evolved to run simultaneous servers through redundant routing switches. If a single server or switch goes down, another takes over, and your website doesn’t suffer from downtime. Verify with your potential web host to make sure they have the strongest technology available for your business.

Strong Support

A good web host still offers stellar support, even if their technology is cutting-edge and their servers are solid. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong. That is why you need a host with a good support team to solve problems and answer questions.

Find a host that offers 24 hour support both by chat and phone. You want to ensure that you can speak with a live representative if an emergency arises. In addition, a prime host will provide their clients with a stellar online help center where you can easily search for answers.


Your experience counts in the consulting business – and so should it be with your web host. Of course, there are a handful of good web hosts that have built a reputation in a few short years. However, a web host that has at least five to seven years in the business is one that is reliable and adaptable to changing technologies. One with 10 or more years in the industry is a web host you can definitively count on to weather trouble and grow with technology.

Extra Services and Products

Your consulting business is your specialty. You shouldn’t have to also be a master web designer, webmaster, and marketing guru! Find a web host that offers the extra services you can use to market and promote your business online. Take advantage of professional web design, web traffic analytics, and even promotional help. These types of services can be well worth the money you invest with a great rate of return.

Take the time to consider the online needs of your business. Finding a good host doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take our advice here, and take a look at our recommendations in the next article.

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