VPS vs. a Dedicated Server for High Traffic Sites

VPS vs Dedicated Server

As you website traffic grows, you may increasingly find that it is being closed down for excessive bandwidth. In fact, even if you purchase an unlimited hosting package, there are limits that will come into place at some point. Once you reach this stage, you may have to give some serious thought to choosing between a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server.
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A Brief Codero Review

Codero Review

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that will provide plenty of quality features and room to grow, Codero might suit your needs. Aside from offering cloud hosting and dedicated hosting, Codero is also known for having a wide range of customer service options. This includes online chat for technical questions as well as using green servers and other technologies to help reduce environmental impact of the servers.
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Bluehost Reseller Reviews – An in-depth Analysis

BlueHost Reseller Review

Web hosting services have, in recent years, become extremely popular with business owners for the simple reason that they garner much more publicity with way less effort than other, more traditional means of advertising and interaction with customers: that’s why Bluehost Reseller Reviews is such a rage on the web. Services like these offer customers not just a domain name but usually some kind of site development software as well. One of the biggest companies offering services like these is Bluehost. They offer regular hosting AND a host reselling plans that allow business owners to let customers create their own websites and email addresses, through their business as a proxy. Bluehost Reseller Reviews can be found all over the Net.
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Can Joomla and VirtueMart Be Trusted?

Software is obviously a huge concern to anyone that runs an online business or entertainment website. The software that you choose to use can directly affect the quality of you website which is connected to how much traffic or customers you will receive. Joomla is popular software that many websites use as a content management system. A content management system is used to hold everything that you upload to your website is a database. The content in this database can be searched through and managed very easily and comes with and easy to use interface that can be accessed by multiple accounts. Joomla now comes with and is compatible with VirtueMart, which is an ecommerce solution that can be used to handle any amount of transactions. We will be discussing the pros and cons of Joomla with VirtueMart.
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Cheap Hosting Companies Tricks

When anyone tries to start a successful website or online business, the first thing that they look to do is find a reliable web hosting company. Finding a quality web host can sometimes be a difficult task based on your personal needs and preferences. The limit of most too cheap hosting companies can also affect the services that they provide and the quality of the services they provide. A web host is a company that rents out its servers to allow other websites to run on their disk space and bandwidth. Disk space and bandwidth are the two things that you are actually paying for when purchasing a package for a web host. There are also several different types of web hosting that exist such as shared hosting and preferred hosting.
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Is PayPal Really Safe?

Paypal Safety

Ecommerce has grown exponentially in recent years and is only set to continue expanding. The internet allows us to run and conduct business quicker and more remotely than ever. With this industry having now thousands of different website and businesses operating, payment becomes an issue. When dealing with online businesses, you obviously can’t pay them with cash. So, many people are on the lookout for safe ways to handle their money on the internet. For millions of people worldwide, PayPal is their preferred method to handle and transfer money through the internet. With the economy seeing hard times, money is a serious concern and has many people asking the question, “Is PayPal the safest payment solution for online business?” With some simple research, the answer is clear.
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The Importance of a Website and Quality Web Host

For a small upstart company, starting a website can be a confusing and nerve racking process. Some businesses often find themselves asking the question, “Do I really even need a website?” The fact of the matter is that the internet is key if any business is looking to grow and expand their market. The internet is used by millions of different people every day. It would be foolish to not use it to advertise or market your product. This is why “Brick and Mortar” companies still need a website and quality web hosting. The days when you could pull out you yellow pages and find a quality local service are long gone. Today thousands of dollars a year are spent trying to get your name noticed on the fiercely competitive search results page. Having a website allows you to connect to thousands of potential customers who are shopping and looking for services online.
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