Should You Use Prestashop for Your Ecommerce Need?

Prestashop and Online Business

Ecommerce is a growing part of the business industry with so much online shopping done across thousands of products and services. Ecommerce is the way that things are marketed, sold, and bought over the internet. Sites like eBay and Amazon are two examples of ecommerce at its finest. These sites must have a good ecommerce system set up in order to handle thousands or potentially millions of transactions a day. Your website needs to have a safe and reliable ecommerce system if you want customers to feel comfortable when shopping from your website. Ecommerce can allow you to double or even triple or annual revenue by expanding your store to allow thousands or more customers from across a larger region to shop from your products.
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Can Opencart Help Your Online Business?

Opencart and Online Business

Running an online business or running a “brick and mortar” company with web capability can be a difficult one. Opening an online store on your website can exponentially increase revenue across the board. Making the decision on whether or not to open an online can be made easier today with all of the excellent free, open source ecommerce solutions. Every web manager dreams of having a way to easily integrate and use an online shopping feature with their website that is already established. This is where Opencart comes in. Opencart is currently the leading online shopping cart service on the market. Opencart is great for smaller companies with tighter budgets on what they can afford for their websites. It costs little to maintain and will remain reliable for as long as you run the website.
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Should You Use Shared Hosting?

This article will discuss the pros and cons of shared hosting. Shared hosting is essentially when multiple websites use the same server, web location, and ip address. Shared hosting is popular among bloggers and small websites. This method comes with a built in user interface with, e-mail, file managers, and password protected databases. It also is economically smart as it costs much less the other hosting method because there are multiple uses of the one server. With its very reliable hosting it will easily take care of your initial bandwidth needs.
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Secrets of Offshore Hosting

Most people aren’t even sure what offshore hosting even is. It’s just like any other web hosting service except that the hosting is done from a country outside of the one that the business buying the service is located. This allows that business to get away with a lot more things regarding laws and regulations due to censorship. The website is only under constraint of the laws of the country it’s hosted from. For example, if a company in the U.S. used and offshore host based in Mexico, the website would only have to abide by the laws of Mexico regarding internet regulations. This is the trick of offshore hosting companies.
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The Importance of Local Hosting for a Localized SEO

First of all we should establish what it is that SEOs actually do. SEO stands for search engine optimizer and they help websites appear higher up on search engine listings in order to get more traffic though the site. So, when we’re talking about local hosting, it basically means that your server is physically located wherever it is you are trying to reach. This can be vital in getting better search engine results and in reaching your target audience. In other words, if you wanted to use local hosting in order to reach an audience in Texas, you would want your server to be located in Texas.
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It is Always Best To Have A Web Server That is Based in The US?

The argument over which countries web servers are the best has been raging for decades. The truth however is quite clearly that a US server is always the better choice.

Web servers based in the United States are considered to be superior to any overseas servers. The reason for this is that Americans form the vast majority of most websites audience. When using an overseas web server it can create a multitude of problems for the people you are trying to reach. Local serves offer faster loading and download times on their pages, there is also a much smaller chance of the website freezing. While these may seem like small issues there have been studies that show websites with faster loading times are often more popular among users.
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