ReliaCloud Review

Reliacloud Review

Cloud hosting is fast becoming the fastest growing choice for website owners. Why? Cloud server configuration and architecture is proving to be faster, more efficient, and more reliable than shared server hosting. ReliaCloud is one of the few web hosting companies that is stepping up to bring cloud hosting to the masses.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from Reliacloud. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How does ReliaCloud compare and rate next to traditional shared hosting service? We take a detailed look at the four most important elements of a web host: reliability, price value, control panel, and customer support. We invite you to read our review and overall value below.

Reliability (4/5)


ReliaCloud has found that reliability and security are the two biggest concerns with cloud server clients. Thus, they assure their clients’ reliability through multiple server “nodes” that store data. Should any single server fail, another will restart automatically. Same goes for all inbound website requests. Their cloud architecture uses redundant routers and switches so that the fastest channel to your website is always available.

While ReliaCloud cloud technology is cutting edge, they do not offer an uptime guarantee to clients.

Price Value (4/5)


Compared to shared hosting, ReliaCloud has a much higher pricing structure. Their pricing plan is flexible, meaning you pay-as-you-go for the resources you need. Simply upgrade to more resources when your web traffic is high. Additionally, you may scale back when you experience low points in traffic.

Prices are charged by the hour, and start at just $0.05 per hour based on your number of CPUs, memory, disk size, outgoing bandwidth, and operating system. That translates to about $37 per month. But compared to VPS, dedicated, or colocation, ReliaCloud has a great value with their cloud hosting plan.

Control Panel (3/5)


ReliaCloud uses a unique sign in portal for their clients to access their accounts. The software is not a mass produced control panel software, but rather customized for ReliaCloud clients. The portal is a GUI system with clean and clear graphics. The navigation system is user-friendly pointing to Home, Account, Services, and Support where clients can manage just about any aspect of their cloud hosting account.

Customer Support (2/5)


ReliaCloud hires onsite technical staff available 24/7/365. Support is an important feature for many website clients, and a 24 hour availability is a plus. However, their 24 hour contact is not clear. They do offer 24 hour email or online help ticket submission, but the hours for online support chat are not posted, nor is there even a telephone line to call.

Also, online help is important for clients to find fast answers to questions. ReliaCloud offers a knowledgebase with video tutorials and articles, but the quantity is rather limited compared to a fully functional online help center offered by other top-rated hosting companies. The overall support for ReliaCloud is undesirable in our opinion.

Overall Value (3/5)


As cloud computing continues to evolve, so will the paradigm and pricing structure for cloud hosting plans. For now, ReliaCloud has a valuable product that is fast and reliable. However, the pricing is still out of range for most small to medium businesses, and support is less than desirable. Overall we give ReliaCloud 3 out of 5.

Try ReliaCloud today and experience the benefits of pay-as-you-go web hosting. With ReliaCloud you can build new cloud servers in as little as one minute. Get started today and experience the power and reliability of cloud hosting.

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