Bluehost Reseller Reviews – An in-depth Analysis

BlueHost Reseller Review

Web hosting services have, in recent years, become extremely popular with business owners for the simple reason that they garner much more publicity with way less effort than other, more traditional means of advertising and interaction with customers: that’s why Bluehost Reseller Reviews is such a rage on the web. Services like these offer customers not just a domain name but usually some kind of site development software as well. One of the biggest companies offering services like these is Bluehost. They offer regular hosting AND a host reselling plans that allow business owners to let customers create their own websites and email addresses, through their business as a proxy. Bluehost Reseller Reviews can be found all over the Net.

Bluehost Reseller Plans – Features

– Control of individual customers’ resources- With this feature, you can set bandwidth and server CPU usage for each individual customer if you so choose, allowing for greater flexibility.
– cPanel point-and-click site administration system- cPanel allows customers to manage the various parts of a website, like file management and email setting, with relative ease.
– Unlimited email platform for customers- With this feature, customers can make their own email address at a specified site name, and accounts like these can be created in as many numbers as you like.
– SimpleScripts feature- SimpleScripts is designed for clients of yours without much technical knowledge (or who simply want a faster coding method). It allows them to insert any of dozens of scripts, with hundreds of exciting functions into their pages.

Bluehost Reseller Plans – What Buyers Like

– Good customer support
– SimpleScripts feature
– Reliability
– Easy to use cPanel

Bluehost Reseller Reviews tend to agree that one of the best aspects of the company is its customer support. Many reviewers claimed that they felt customer support would bend over backwards to please customers. Both the SimpleScripts and cPanel were described as easy to use and greatly beneficial to site development purposes. Reviews indicated that on the whole, Bluehost’s servers are very reliable.

Bluehost Reseller Plans – What Buyers Hate
– Slows everything
– Bandwidth throttling
– Poor database capacity
– Poor communication with customers

Bluehost Reseller Reviews do come with the negatives. Unlimited server and site offerings have led to incredibly slow download and page load times for a few customers. A few others also claim that after the free-refund period expires, Bluehost sharply restricts its customers’ bandwidth usage, intentionally affecting performance. Those have been exceptional cases but overall Bluehost fares quite well.


If the Bluehost Reseller Reviews that are found across the internet are any indication, Bluehost is a huge company. Many who wrote Bluehost Reseller Reviews claimed to have seen the company go from a less-known site to a reputed site, with customer satisfaction as its main goal. For these reasons as presented in many Bluehost Reseller Reviews, you’d be better off giving Bluehost hosting services a try.

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