Top 5 Hosting for Dating Business

Top 5 Hosting for Dating Business

Starting a dating website requires a lot of focus, planning, and most importantly server resources. The online dating industry is extremely competitive at the moment, and in order to be successful, you’ll need to have a professional website equipped with a visually pleasing design, simple user interface, and entertaining site sections that keep visitors returning for more. All of this requires adequate server capabilities that can only be found in a competent web hosting plan, preferably an ecommerce solution.

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To help you decide which hosting plan would be right for your new dating site, we’ve created a comprehensive review of the top five web hosting companies for an online dating business.

#1. InMotion

InMotion Web Hosting

As people will be depending on your dating site to keep in contact with prospective partners, it is important that your site remain active and no downtime is experienced. For this reason we’ve chosen InMotion as the number one solution for an online dating business, since InMotion has an incredible record of 99 percent uptime. InMotion also offers unlimited server resources which makes it possible to design a dating megasite that will help your business thrive. Since you’ll be trying to monetize your site in various ways, you may want to choose the InMotion eCommerce solution, which includes a shopping cart that streamlines the checkout process.

InMotion Hosting Official Site

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#2. BlueHost


The first step in creating a dating site is registering a creative domain name. Luckily, with BlueHost you’ll receive a free domain name for life, which can certainly expedite the beginning process of starting your online dating business. You’ll also have the ability to host unlimited domains, which may prove to be useful when creating a network of dating sites. Also included with the BlueHost hosting plan is unlimited server space, file transfer, bandwidth, email accounts and other features that will help you build a successful dating megasite.

BlueHost Official Site

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#3. JustHost

JustHost Review

JustHost’s Just Plan is optimal for the online dating business, since it includes a variety of unlimited features including bandwidth, data transfer and server space. A good online dating site will have forums, and will be rich with multimedia content. Using JustHost’s unlimited features will let you create the richest dating site possible. On unique feature of the JustHost company is that they offer an anytime money back guarantee, which proves their reliability as a company. If at any time you feel as if they are not fulfilling their duties as a hosting company, you can simply request a refund and transfer your site to another hosting company.

JustHost Official Site

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#4. HostGator

Hostgator Review

For those of you that want to start small, you may want to try the cheapest HostGator plan, which still offers unlimited bandwidth and data transfer. The online dating industry can be a risky business, so to reduce the risk of false accusations against your company, you’ll want a dedicated IP address. With the HostGator Business plan you’ll receive a dedicated IP address, a toll-free service number, and a free domain name. These features will add to the professionalism of your business, giving your clients more trust and confidence in your services as a dating site.

HostGator Official Site

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#5. Hostmonster

Hostmonster offers a freed domain name and free setup, which help to minimize the startup cost of your online dating site. Since you’ll be spending a lot of money to invest in your dating megasite, it will definitely prove to be beneficial to save every bit of money during the setup process. HostMonster also offers unlimited domain hosting and unlimited data transfer, bandwidth and ecommerce solutions.

HostMonster Official Site

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