Top 5 Hosting Companies for Banks

Top 5 Web Hosts for Banks

If there is any industry that has the pressure on it to have a flawless web site, it is the banking industry. Handling someone’s money is considered something of a sacred duty, and making any errors in the pursuit of this trade is almost immediate grounds for business excommunication.

This means that a bank’s web site has almost no tolerance for error, or any shortcoming that might otherwise be grudgingly understandable, like downtime or slowness, and don’t you dare even crack a joke about the need for tight security. If you are in charge of a bank’s web site and are looking for a host, you need to find one that can guarantee an almost immaculate level of performance. Here are 5 that you might want to entrust this duty to:

#1. Lunarpages

LunarPages Web Hosting Review

It goes almost without saying that, barring a strong reason to make an exception, you are going to want a private server. Lunarpages is one of the most established choices for this type of service. They offer both Linux and Windows web hosting, priority 24/7/365 technical support and gobs of database and other software support.

Lunarpages Official Page

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#2. IX Web Hosting

Right up there in terms of experience with Virtual Private Servers is IX Web Hosting. Their three levels of VPS service (again in either Linux or Windows) span the range of power options (you would likely want, including fast servers: someone is not going to want to sit back and wait for their account balance). They also offer root access, a good thing to have for those emergency site adjustments and problems.

IX Web Hosting Official Site

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#3. GreenGeeks

Offering even more performance levels is Green Geeks, although you’re not likely to want anything lower than the 1024 MB plan. Their list of included technical and software features is extensive, their tech support includes video tutorials, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to advertise that you are hosting your web site with a green-friendly company.

GreenGeeks Hosting Official Page

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#4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Web Hosting

One of the few hosts that offer Macintosh dedicated servers in addition to Linux and Windows, InMotion Hosting is solid technically. Webmasters setting up sites that are liable to experience drastic spikes of usage would do good to consider their option of Intel Xeon Quad Core servers with HyperThreading.

InMotion Hosting Official Site

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#5. BlueHost


If for technical or financial reasons you need to consider shared hosting, BlueHost is a solid choice to go with. One of the longest operating web hosts in existence (online since 1996), BlueHost offers online chat technical support as well as a well-developed online knowledge base. Their list of features includes a great many scripting and database options, as well as streaming support.

BlueHost Official Site

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Banks don’t have the option to experiment with different hosts on the hopes that they will eventually find the right one. You need to get it right the first time. While there are many stable hosts out there, going with one of the above five will help you do just that.

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