Is Statcounter The Best Free Website Statistic Software for your Online Business?


Many websites and webmasters rely on StatCounter to keep track of what’s going on with their websites and that might get one to ask if StatCounter is the best free website statistic software.

That’s all a matter of opinion depending on what you’re looking for in a statistics program. Web analysis software is a huge industry led at present by Google Analytics, however, many people feel that StatCounter is the free website analysis software around. So many sites use the software that it’s almost become a household name and for good reason.

Statcounter User Interface

Figure 1 : Overall Statcounter User Interface

Statcounter Geography

Figure 2 : Analyze easier with “StatCounter’s Recent Visitors Google Map Tool”

First of all StatCounter is free and has more advanced services for reasonable prices. For the at home website owner that just wants to know what is going on with their website, StatCounter affords a modicum of very intricate data that can give one the overall idea of how popular one’s site is, the content is, and from where the traffic is comign from and where it goes throughout the site. This information alone can make or break a website and from there the more advanced features are for corporations and businesses who require more detailed information.

StatCounter is easy to sign up for and install and to track your information is very simple. That’s probably what has kept StatCounter going so strong for these many years is its simplicity and lack of pretense. You just copy and paste your code and away you go. The busy website owner doesn’t have time to nitpick through every molecule of information, they just want that two tiered type of information such as traffic volume, where the traffic came from, where it’s going sort of thing. They don’t want massive drop down menus and so much data that it looks like a final exam for a physics class.

StatCounter keeps things simple across the board and although the free version may not provide as much detailed analysis as possible it does provide wonderful raw data that the average site owner and small business owner can appreciate. There are lots of advantages to using StatCounter and one needs to study their site to gather as much info as possible to see how this highly effective and low maintenance program is. If you check around the web you’ll see there are numerous websites, many of them the most popular that use StatCounter. You’ll also find that many news or media corporations use StatCounter. It may be an anti-Google thing as Google Analytics is the big kid on the block when it comes to website statistics but StatCounter is not to be sneezed at.

If it’s the best free website traffic and statistical that will be a matter of opinion but it sure is a good piece of software to have around.

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