Is PayPal Really Safe?

Paypal Safety

Ecommerce has grown exponentially in recent years and is only set to continue expanding. The internet allows us to run and conduct business quicker and more remotely than ever. With this industry having now thousands of different website and businesses operating, payment becomes an issue. When dealing with online businesses, you obviously can’t pay them with cash. So, many people are on the lookout for safe ways to handle their money on the internet. For millions of people worldwide, PayPal is their preferred method to handle and transfer money through the internet. With the economy seeing hard times, money is a serious concern and has many people asking the question, “Is PayPal the safest payment solution for online business?” With some simple research, the answer is clear.

PayPal offers several safety nets to protect you from buyer and seller fraud which is a growing crime all over the world. They have a very concrete purchase protection policy and sometimes are able to reimburse you is something should go wrong. Even some transactions are covered through their reimbursement policy however not all transactions are covered. They will most likely reimburse you if you purchase an item that it drastically different from the way it was pictured or advertised. If this did happen to you, a dispute would have to be opened through the PayPal website and would be reviewed by the website until you would hear a final ruling. They also offer 24 hour protection against fraudulent or suspicious activities on their website. This is monitored by hundreds of trained professionals that keep an eye out at all times of the day. The PayPal website is also a secured site with no financial information that is released to anyone that you do business with. They also feature many other safety precautions that many other online businesses employ to ensure that you are who you say you are. Among these precautions is email verification that can help to weed out fake email addresses or bots that create spam messages. This helps to ensure that PayPal is the safest payment solution for online business.

PayPal also offers state of the art data encryption software that is the highest that is commercially available. This ensures that nobody except for PayPal will be able to access your payment information. Their servers which are located at their headquarters are also protected physically by guards and technologically protected by antivirus software. They also offer a Security Key option that is a portable device that will generate a different pass code every time you log onto the PayPal website. This special pass code will be entered in addition to your email address and current password. This provides an extra layer of protection.

When running an online business or even making purchases across the internet, PayPal offers a safe and secure way to hold and make transactions with your money. There is a reason why they have a customer base of over 30 million people from countries all over the world. It can safely be said that PayPal is the safest payment solution for online businesses.

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