How Website Analytics Could Benefit your Online Business

Website Analytics

Success of business is based on results. But how do you know if you are successful if you do not analyze your results?

Publishing a business website with no strategy for improvement in the areas of marketing, SEO, revenue, traffic, etc, is like setting a sailboat to sea without charts and navigation tools. You won’t know where you’ve been, thus, you won’t know where you’re going.

That is why using online analytic tools are highly recommended for any online business. And the good news is that there are easy and even free tools available online that you can easily use to make website improvements.

Who visits your site?

One important factor in your marketing strategy is your target market. You can make subtle and even major changes in your website appearance and marketing strategies by learning who visits your site and where they come from.

Consider using This helpful stat tool is absolutely free, and all you need to do is drop a little of their provided “hidden” code within your website. You can easily check where your visitors came from including city, state, country, search engine used, browser, and operating system.

You can even track and the keyword activity that people have used to find your website. This gives you detailed insight as to what keywords work best, and which ones do not.

Get time-period reports

Another great stats software is Webalizer. This serves much of the same information as StatCounter, but is a downloadable tool. Webalizer allows you to gather and save reports over a period of time (StatCounter just keeps the last 100 entries), and print them out in easy to read reports. This is a great software package that can help you track your traffic numbers and page hit progress.

Get SEO help now!

And let’s not forget the master of all search engines – Google. Google is the most used search engine in the world. You can bet their web statistical prowess is also the best in the world. And to prove it, they have developed Google Analytics, another free analytics tool you would be unwise to pass up.

With Google Analytics you simply drop a piece of code into your site, and Google does the rest. One of the main purposes of Google Analytics is to help website owners with their Google Adwords campaigns. Thus, you can easily track your ROI on any Adwords accounts.

But also with Google Analytics you can track your hits by the hour, and even get a report of mobile browsers looking at your site. You can customize your reports to include the stats you need.

Also, Google Analytics will show you visually the motion of your visitors through your site. Find out how many landed on a certain page. Discover how many people used your shopping cart, and actually proceeded to checkout.

Website analytics are invaluable to any online business. If you haven’t been using the right statistical tools to improve your site, consider the ones mentioned above. You may see a marked improvement in your website visitation.

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