cPanel and vDeck – Which One is a Better Hosting Control Panel for Online Business

cPanel and Vdeck

While making a choice about your web hosting company can be tough, one of the major considerations should be given to the control panel offered by the host. Controlling your web account and managing your business website may not be a full time job, but it is vitally important to be able to change, alter, modify, upload, add, or do any given web maintenance task at any given moment.

Two of the most popular control panel software packages used by many web hosts is cPanel, and vDeck.


By far the most used control panel on the market is cPanel. It is the most popular, and there are many reasons why.

First is the simplicity of cPanel. A novice business owner with minimal experience with computers can learn the easy aspects of cPanel in just a few minutes.

One reason it is simple is the graphic interface and navigation. CPanel uses easy graphical icons and neatly organized rows and modules that are specific to certain web account management. For instance, if you wanted to create a new email account, all those tools are located side-by-side together. Or if you wanted to upload and manage your web files, your ftp and file manager links are all grouped.

You can also drag and drop the navigation features you use most to the top of the navigation. You can even change the layout of your control panel to suit your style.

CPanel does come with problems. ECommerce website owners who want more complex controls are out of luck. CPanel is also not expandable at this time. What you see is what you get.


vDeck is gathering momentum as a popular control panel. One of the more popular features is the ability to control and more easily manage larger and more complex websites.

Users of vDeck can install pre-designed templates as well to make the navigation appear more customized.

And one of the biggest features that is catching the eye of webmasters is the ability to add-on additional control modules. As your website grows, so will your need for control. VDeck has the ability to plug in additional controls that you need for a growing online business website.

But with greater control comes greater complication. VDeck does require the user to be a little more computer savvy and be able to navigate and understand web terms and html.


Ultimately what you need is a control panel that allows you to make your online business thrive. Certainly if you possess more computer acumen and are considered a “geek” by friends (and family), the higher levels of control with vDeck may be your style. But if you are unsure of the difference between a parked domain and an FTP account, the step-by-step graphics and guides from cPanel may be more suitable for you.

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