SiteCloud vs. Easy-CGI

SiteCloud vs Easy-CGI

SiteCloud is renowned as the #1 leading cloud hosting provider currently available to business-minded individuals. As an environmentally-friendly hosting service, SiteCloud offers clients scalable website hosting solutions with numerous unlimited features to meet business needs of today, as well as the growing demands of tomorrow.

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Easy-CGI is also a popular web hosting service, delivering reliable, flexible and cutting-edge technology. While they do not specialize in cloud hosting, their traditional hosting packages can fit an array of needs, whether you need cost-effective shared hosting or more robust VPS options.

The comparison of the following two web hosting companies will help when selecting the best hosting solution to meet your needs.


SiteCloud hosting offers small business owners a range of web hosting packages, starting with the basic StormSite Cloud Hosting, loaded with unlimited perks for $4.95/month. The highlight features of the plan include unlimited storage space, bandwidth and a free lifetime domain. Cloud VPS Hosting s also offered a hosting solution for enhanced website needs, varying in price from $29.00 to $99.00/month, with a 99.9% uptime reliability rate.

Easy-CGI also offers various packages ranging in price and features. The cheapest package, Advanced X, begins at $7.96. The next upscale plan is the Advanced X2 for $15.96. Additionally, the Advanced X4 package is offered starting at $21.56.

SiteCloud ranks higher when it comes to value and pricing, as it offer many more unlimited features when compared to Easy-CGI.

Products and Services

SiteCloud, a cloud hosting provider, works toward fulfilling its commitment to clients by pooling together multiple servers to deliver quality service, which is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. As a cloud hosting provider that harnesses performance power while recycling energy resources, the company is able to offer clients affordable packages with unlimited features.

Mid-to-large size business owners may opt for one of SiteCloud’s fully managed VPS packages that deliver advanced technology and enhanced hardware features, including RAID-10 storage capacity and equal share CPU. As an optional add-on, the latest version of cPanel is also available for $10/month.

Easy-CGI is primarily a traditional, shared hosting provider, which automatically knocks it down a few notches when compared to the power of a cloud hosting platform. However, it does have some services worth mentioning, such as Windows 2008/2003 hosting environment, IIS7/IIS6 web server and same-day setup, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. Easy-CGI also offers VPS hosting starting at $39.96.

The winner in this category goes to SiteCloud simply because of the advantages of scalability and reliability of being a cloud hosting provider.

Web Hosting Features

SiteCloud and Easy-CGI are both considered reputable and professional web hosting services; however, for the provider offering more unlimited features, SiteCloud wins again.

Comparing the two basic plans offered by each company, SiteCloud outshines Easy-CGI by offering unlimited high performance SAN storage space, bandwidth, POP3 e-mail accounts, MySQL databases, and a free lifetime domain.

In comparison, with Easy-CGI’s basic plan, users are limited to 3,500GB/ monthly data transfers, 350GB disk space, 500 POP3 e-mail accounts, and 50 MySQL databases. Although Easy-CGI does offer some unlimited features, it doesn’t offer the ones that are essential to support heavy traffic flow on a demanding business website.

Customer Service

SiteCloud and Easy-CGI make quality customer service convenient for busy professionals that simply don’t have the time or resources to handle server downtime. Both offer e-mail and live chat support features, as well as a wealth of valuable online resources for trouble shooting issues. Easy-CGI also offers 24/7 telephone support, an alert system for network issues delivered via e-mail and the ability to submit and view troubleshooting tickets.

SiteCloud gets points deducted for its limited hours of telephone support, especially if you’re preference is talking to a live person to resolve troubleshooting issues over a long weekend of downtime.


After an inclusive review of SiteCloud and Easy-CGI hosting, our nod goes to SiteCloud because of its cloud hosting capabilities and packages loaded with essential unlimited features. Easy-CGI does offer some appealing features, but in comparison, it doesn’t hold up to the perks SiteCloud offers to its clients.

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