FatCow Vs Powweb

FatCow Vs Powweb

Can a business owner find affordable business-class web hosting without a lot of fluff and confusing plan options? Our answer is ‘yes’, and we show you two major hosting companies who do just that here.

Powweb is an experienced hosting company formed in 1999 during the big dot-com boom. They have survived a dozen years with a low-cost plan that offers mainly tailor-made software products created specifically for their clients.

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FatCow, formed in 1998, was created to provide one easy plan that has everything a personal or business owner may need for supportive web hosting. They also spend 100% of their electricity costs toward wind energy, and perform other environmentally-friendly activities to become one of the “Greenest” hosts in the industry.

You may wonder which of these single plan hosts is right for business websites. We offer our recommendation below.


For Powweb, their plan is offered at just $3.88 per month.

FatCow offers their single plan for $56 per year, or just $4.66 per month.

Products and Services

When it comes to extra products and services for business, FatCow puts it all on the list. They offer professional services in domain help, marketing, scripting, email, web management, and eCommerce solutions including SSL Certificates. They also offer professional site backup and restore, and a package of free marketing credits toward Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook.

If you look at Powweb’s extra services page it looks strikingly similar to what was just mentioned above. As a sister company to FatCow, Powweb’s extra offerings are virtually the same.

Web Hosting Features

FatCow offers a long list of “unlimited” features on their plan, including unlimited bandwidth, disk storage space, email accounts, MySQL databases, and hosted domains. The provided plenty of support for programming and scripting, and offers extra software plugins like photo galleries and bulletin board applications. They host support for multimedia files, and provide a suitable list of free eCommerce solutions to help a business website earning money fast.

Powweb also offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. They do limit MySQL databases to only 75. With Powweb, clients also get a free plugin gallery, support scripting and multi-media, and is eCommerce ready.

Customer Service

Powweb offers 24 hour support via phone, chat, or email. They also offer a wide range of online help with user guides, tutorials, articles, and additional links to outside resources.

FatCow, as a sister company, offers the same 24 hour telephone, chat, and email support. As well, their online help center is identical to Powweb with a long list of guides, articles, and tutorials.


Regardless that these two hosts are related, it is still clear that FatCow has a superior product. With their long list of unlimited features, plus their dedication to providing “Green” web hosting, FatCow gets our recommendation for hosting your business website.

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