FatCow vs. InMotion

FatCow vs. InMotion

Business owners need a web host who understands business, not just hosting with lots of bells and whistles. We strive to bring you the best choices in these matters, and for this comparison and review we bring FatCow and InMotion Hosting, both of which we believe have a solid foundation for business hosting.

FatCow opened its proverbial doors in 1998 and through the years has provided a substantial web hosting package for either personal or business use. They focus on simplicity and customer service, and also on the environment with 100% of their electricity coming from alternative energy sources.

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InMotion also has an admirable environmental policy with energy reduction strategies and tree planting activities. Their hosting plans include VPS and dedicated hosting as well as affordable shared hosting plans.

But which one of these “green” companies is right for your online business website? Take a look at our comparison and recommendation below.


FatCow makes pricing easy. Their single hosting plan goes for just $56 per year, or $4.66 per month.

InMotion offers three Business Class Web Hosting plan that runs $5.95/mo for the Launch Plan, $7.95/mo for the Power Plan, and $13.95 for the Pro Plan. VPS plans are available starting at $40/mo, and dedicated plans starting at $200/mo.

Products and Services

FatCow isn’t just about simple web hosting. They offer a wide array of extra products and services just right for business websites including marketing services, domain registration, web site management, scripting & add-ons, SEO services, and eCommerce tools. Also, FatCow offers over $150 in free marketing credits to use with Google, Bing, and Facebook.

InMotion does offer professional custom web design to meet clients’ desires for SEO and eCommerce. While there are not a lot of other extras, InMotion does also offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

With FatCow client get it all in one plan, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, MySQL databases, and hosted domains. FatCow supports multi-media files as well as the popular scripting and programming languages. They also give options for 3rd party software plugins, and free eCommerce tools.

With InMotion, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. But there are limits on MySQL databases, email accounts, and hosted domains. InMotion also provides 3rd party plugins, supports multi-media and scripting, and offers a choice of free shopping carts with their eCommerce solutions.

Customer Service

FatCow provides 24 hour customer service via phone, chat, or email. They also provide an elaborate online help center with user guides, tutorials, a knowledgebase full of articles, and additional links to resources.

InMotion also offer 24 hour live phone and email support. And their online support center is stocked with user guides, tutorials, articles, and community bulletin board support.


Both of these hosts have a solid plan available for practically any business owner’s website. But with a cheaper plan with more features, and a wider selection of business-related extras, our recommendation goes to FatCow.

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