FatCow Vs EasyCGI

FatCow Vs EasyCGI

As an online business owner you want a web host that is able to get your eCommerce website up and running with no trouble and in very little time. In this review and comparison we bring FatCow and EasyCGI, both highly reputable and experienced business hosting companies.

FatCow began delivering their brand of hosting in 1998. Their focus is making business hosting easy and pain free with a single hosting plan. They also care about the environment and prove it by purchasing 100% of their electricity through renewable energy sources.

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EasyCGI has focused on providing world-class hosting services through tiered levels of hosting solutions. Along with shared hosting, EasyCGI also provides VPS hosting for growing businesses as well.

Which of these hosts is right for your business? Take a look at our comparison.


FatCow offers a single hosting package for just $4.66 per month, or $56 per year.

EasyCGI offers a tiered hosting system starting with their Advanced package for $7.96/mo, the Advanced package for $15.96/mo, and the Advanced package for $21.56/mo. VPS hosting starts at just $39.96/mo.

Products and Services

EasyCGI provides a long list of extra business service and products including professional site backup and restore, plus professional services in domain, marketing, eCommerce, scripting, and web management.

FatCow offers a surprisingly identical lineup of professional extras including pro services in eCommerce, marketing scripting, web management, and domain registration. FatCow also provides over $150 in free marketing credits to use with Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Web Hosting Features

FatCow offers just one package, but they pack it all in that one option. Clients get unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. Clients get support for scripting and programming languages, as well as extra software plugins and multi-media files. Free eCommerce tools and solutions are provided with all accounts as well so websites can begin selling online right away.

The EasyCGI plans are hosted on a Windows environment so business websites using Microsoft applications such as Access or ASP.NET have plenty of freedom. They do not provided unlimited bandwidth or disk space, but do offer generous amounts at 350GB, 500GB, and 750GB of storage for each plan, and 3500GB, 5000GB, and 7500GB of transfer for each plan respectively.

Clients to get unlimited hosted domains with any account, plus they provide plenty of support for scripting, multi-media, and plugins. They also offer a 30 day money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Customer Service

FatCow live customer service is open 24 hours via phone, chat, or email. Plus, FatCow offers an excellent array of online help tools through their help center.

EasyCGI also provides 24 hour support via phone, chat, and email. Plus, like their extra products and services, their online help center looks remarkably similar to FatCow.


If you, the reader, haven’t guessed, the two hosting companies are operated under the same parent company. Thus, the remarkable similarities. What is different is the Windows platform for EasyCGI which makes them a little more expensive and aimed at a more niche customer. Unless you are programming on a Windows platform, we would recommend FatCow for their much more easy plan with all the features included for a lower price.

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