What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Restaurant Business

How to choose Web Hosting for Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant takes plenty of effort without having to worry too much about your website. With all the management of your day-to-day operations, your website should be self-sufficient and able to be easily updated. What type of web host should you look for when you are ready to get your new website off the ground, or even when you’re ready to change hosts?

Look for website builders

If you have yet to build your restaurant website, choose a host that provides you with the tools to build a website for free. Trusted web hosting companies like BlueHost.com and Yahoo! Small Business Hosting (smallbusiness.yahoo.com) give you the tools you need to get a website up in just minutes. Use their drag and drop options to create a great-looking website from scratch, or use one of their many attractive templates and simply add your own information. This is a great way to utilize your web host to create a website, too.

Online marketing tools

Getting your website hosted and built is just the first step. You must be able to promote your website easily so it gets noticed by your current and potential customers. There are many top-notch web hosting companies that give new members tools and credits to use for the promotion of your website.

For instance, iPage.com gives you over $100 in credits to use with paid advertising and promotion with Google Adwords and Yahoo! pay per click sites. As well, you may find that hosting companies like FatCow.com offers $75 in search ad credits, as well as an additional $50 in credits to use with social network promotion.

Easy to update

Your restaurant website could be useful simply as a static site, meaning that once it is constructed, no changes are made to the web pages. However, a website that is updated regularly gives your customers something to come back to, as well as providing search engines a notice and a reason to increase your website’s search ranking. Here are a few update ideas:

  • Calendar or Event Updates – Maybe you have live entertainment on the weekends, or have other events that you would want to update your online calendar on a regular basis. Web hosts like JustHost.com provides you with cPanel control panel that makes it easy to log in wherever you are on the internet, and update your site quickly and easily with new event information.
  • Photos – Adding photos from your restaurant provides extra spice for your website. Hosts like iPage.com mentioned above also have an integrated photo gallery software you can use to get photos uploaded and posted to your website easily.
  • Blog – Add a blog where you can gather followers and tell them what’s new at your restaurant. Most web host companies offer easy blog integration and installation form popular blog platforms like WordPress for free.

A restaurant website is an important online business card. Be sure you choose a great host that helps you with the building, promotion, and updating of your website.

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