What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Photography Business

How to choose Web Hosting for Photography Business

Photography is a specialized business. You may specialize in wedding photography, senior portraits, commercial stock images, or simply artistic landscape images. Whatever your specialty, your website is going to be one of the most important selling tools for your photography business. Potential clients want to see just how stunning your images are, your rates, availability, and even a little about yourself. With so much riding on your website design, isn’t it important to choose the right web hosting service as well?

We say absolutely. A web host can make or break a great website. That is why we give you certain considerations you should think about when deciding on a host, and provide a few web hosting recommendations for your photography business.

Multimedia Support

A photography website is not a normal tab-based website. It is an artistic site that needs a creative design, navigation, and programming that give it the pizzazz it needs to attract clients’ attention. That means you must choose a web host that offers exceptional support in the areas of video, audio, Flash animation, and other programming scripts.

IXWebHosting.com is a great choice for a web hosting plan that offers multimedia support. They offer support for Midi files, streaming audio & video, Real audio & video, as well as Flash and Shockwave animation support. WebHostingPad.com is another host that offers these important multimedia features.

Photo Galleries

What good is your photography website if it does not display your best work? You want to proudly display your exceptional images for potential clients not just by placing image files on your site, but displaying them creatively through animated image galleries. WebHostingPad also offers an exceptional Coppermine image gallery software with their plan. LunarPages.com is another recommendation for a web host that offers 4images Image Gallery software with their hosting plan.

Disk Space

Photography websites may house a great number of high resolution photo images. Each one of those image files could take up a lot of disk space. Choose a web hosting company that gives you flexibility with disk space. The hosts listed above offer unlimited disk space with their hosting plans. As well, trusted web hosts like iPage.com and BlueHost.com offer unlimited disk space plans, as well as other great supported features for photography websites.

Blog Support

A recent movement by growing photography studios is adding a blog to their site. Blogging helps you stay in touch with your client base and gets the word out about your services, and it can even say a bit about your personality which is important when choosing a photographer. Be sure your web host offers blog support with WordPress or other popular blogging platforms. WebHostingPad offers great WordPress blog plugin support, as does BlueHost.

These are important considerations for your photography website. Take a look at the recommended hosts listed here and find out how they can be the platform that takes your photography business to the next level.

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