What to Look For When Choosing Web Hosting for Bar and Pub Business

Do you use a website to promote your bar or pub? If you serve drinks, food, and want more customers in your bar you should. A website is an important tool in keeping your regulars and potential customers abreast of calendar events, drink and food specials, and just as an online brochure to tell folks about your fun hang out.

Managing a bar is plenty of work. You don’t want to spend much time managing your website as well. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing your web hosting company. What should you look for in order to have confidence in your website operation? Here are a few tips to think about:

Inexpensive, But Not Cheap

Your mother always told you, “you get what you pay for.” However, economies of scale have allowed web hosting to become much more affordable. Much like DVD players were once expensive, they are now pocket change. Same with web sites. You can get stellar web hosting service for just a few dollars a month. But be sure you pick a reputable host with the features you need.

Uptime Guarantee

You don’t want your website to ever be “down” because of a server crash. Pick a hosting company that provides you with a 99.9% uptime promise. The best web hosts have a data center setup that runs on redundancy, and keeps your website up and running no matter if a single server or router goes down.

Scripting and Plugins

You may have a blog for your bar or pub business. Or you want to post photos and video clips of your events. An online calendar is a great way to promote your upcoming events. Look for a web host that gives you the plugins and scripts you can use for your bar. It is no problem and easy to find one that offers a blog plugin, free photo gallery, calendar and message board scripts, etc. Check the fine print for these types of extra features.

Free Promotion

Today’s competition among web hosts is fierce. To attract more business you can surely find a quality host that gives you hundreds of dollars in free promotional tools such as Google or Yahoo! advertising credits, social media promotion, and directory submission.

Quality 24 hour support

It’s rare that things go wrong with hosting service from a quality company. But when it does you want to be able to contact them to help solve problems and answer questions. Look for hosting companies with award winning support that offers a way to contact them 24 hours a day. Hosting companies with the best support have a 24 hour phone, chat, email, or even Skype as a method contact.

Give your bar or pub a chance to get noticed on the web. There are plenty of top-ten web hosts that have very affordable plans that are full of features. Do a little research, and take a look at our recommendations on the previous article – Top 5 Web Hosting for a Bar and Pub Business.

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